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We are happy to announce, we are NOW OPEN. Click here to learn more about the steps we are taking to provide a safe and clean environment.

Private Birthday Parties

We’ll make your party epic with huge inflatable indoor playgrounds, games galore, and even a blow-up birthday throne.

Group Events

Got a team, scout troop, or other group you’d like to treat? We’re on it. We can also help with field trips and fundraisers!

Other Ways to Play

Who wants to wait for the next birthday party? Check out our Event Calendar to put some jump into your normal routine.

We throw the best birthday parties on the planet!

Can’t Get Enough Indoor Jumping?

Check out our upcoming events:

    100% Private, Clean & Safe Parties

    A Message to our Customers

    A young boy is pumped to celebrate his birthday party at the best indoor birthday party place

    Private Birthday Parties

    Pump It Up of Roselle Park has big birthday party fun guaranteed. You can expect:

    • Fun: Jump up, jump down, jump all around our inflatable indoor playgrounds.
    • Easy: Birthday party reservations are so easy when you call or book online.
    • Private: Exactly the party you want! Your birthday, you own private arena and party room.
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    Other Fun Family Activities

    Kid's birthdays are special, but we’ve also got fun bounce events available throughout the week with Themed Open Jumps and Special Events. See our Bounce Schedule to see what’s ahead.

    A girls with angel wings jumps for joy because she gets to play in one of Pump It Up's indoor bounce houses
    Groups like soccer teams and girls scouts celebrate their accomplishments at one of our inflatable jump places

    Indoor Group Events

    Bring your group for super sized fun! Pump It Up of Roselle Park is great for more than birthdays. Learn more about:

    • Field Trips for schools in Roselle Park School District
    • Union County team parties
    • Girl and Boy Scout Troops
    • Catholic and private school fundraisers
    Learn More
    Girl Scouts celebrate as a group at an indoor party place

    Customer Reviews

    Our main party host was great - we had a great team for our party. I'm happy we had an awesome time at our party thanks to them 🙂

    Alan L.
    Roselle Park, NJ

    Everything was perfect.... Staff and facility was great.... Two thumbs up

    Darius W.
    Roselle Park, NJ

    Easy and fun. My son wasn't feeling 100% the day of his party so I asked if he could blow out his candle off the cake. They supplied us with a cupcake so he could still have something special to blow his candle out on. That meant a lot that they went above and beyond for him! Made sure my son was happy and checked in with me multiple times

    Meredith G.
    Roselle Park, NJ

    The activities were a lot of fun, the kids had a great time, the staff was energetic.

    Evi C.
    Roselle Park, NJ

    The entire staff was phenomenal! They made my entire party feel embraced and involved. Thank you to all of those who participated. I greatly appreciate the attention and focus given to the kids and the encouragement to enjoy all that pump it up has to offer. THANKS AGAIN!

    Natalie G.
    Roselle Park, NJ

    Each staff member were very friendly and attentive!

    Chantel L.
    Roselle Park, NJ

    All perfect! All was excellent, the staff so kind patient with the kids and also very funny! I'm very glad!

    Daniela D.
    Roselle Park, NJ

    All the staff members were very professional and polite!

    Maria V.
    Roselle Park, NJ

    They made my son feel very special!

    Catherine M.
    Roselle Park, NJ

    Everyone was great - my daughter had a wonderful party It's our second party there

    Rachelle G.
    Roselle Park, NJ

    The entire stuff was great. The room was all set up on time and food.

    Yesina B.
    Roselle Park, NJ

    From the beginning to the end it was nice.

    Jasinla M.
    Roselle Park, NJ

    I've been to this location for parties many times, and our host has been by far the best host I've ever seen. Even my other friend who've had parties at this location had the same comment. Everything worked as planned

    Giovanna F.
    Roselle Park, NJ

    Everyone was great! It was awesome! Staff was very energetic, very kind and lots of fun.

    Monique B.
    Roselle Park, NJ

    The staff was very attentive. The event went beautifully.

    Christina F.
    Roselle Park, NJ

    I will recommended because Pump It Up is the best .The stuff was really animated makes us feel really comfortable and we really enjoy it and my daughter loved it. Thank you so much for this wonderful experience. Thank you.

    Maria S.
    Roselle Park, NJ

    There were more activities for the kids to enjoy than I had expected.

    Ana S.
    Roselle Park, NJ

    When the kids arrive the team was warm and they welcomed the guest so nicely. At the time of the cake and sing, they were great

    Ivania V.
    Roselle Park, NJ

    The team member who helped setup the room was very sociable and helpful. She was efficient and set up everything wonderfully.

    Joanna H.
    Roselle Park, NJ

    Loved they played games.

    Lauren D.
    Roselle Park, NJ

    The team remained energetic even at the very end of the party as guests left and bags were being loaded into the car.

    Shauna N.
    Roselle Park, NJ

    The person in charge of my party was very energetic and the kids loved him.

    Susana O.
    Roselle Park, NJ

    I didn't have a lot of kids at my party, but they made the most out of it by playing games and keeping everyone happy.

    Darren K.
    Roselle Park, NJ

    Staff was friendly, helpful and professional.

    Somen P.
    Roselle Park, NJ

    Location was clean and spacious.

    Vivana G.
    Roselle Park, NJ

    Our party host was terrific, he was wonderful with all the kids and made sure to set the atmosphere to fun from the very beginning. All the all staff members were all equally friendly and helpful.

    Neddy R.
    Roselle Park, NJ

    The teamwork and vibe in that place was the point of my guests complementing the staff also. The staff was helpful, outgoing, attentive, and fun! All of my guests had something awesome to say about the staff. We were all thankful for the amazing customer service!

    Joana G.
    Roselle Park, NJ

    Everyone was great at all times. They kept the kids entertained and safe. Thank you!

    Michelle L.
    Roselle Park, NJ

    I would recommend Pump It Up. The kids had a great time as did the adults. The staff took care of pretty much everything.

    Vanessa P.
    Roselle Park, NJ

    Great service. Overall I had a fantastic time!

    Janine C.
    Roselle Park, NJ

    The staff was excellent with the kids especially the lead guy

    Kristin C.
    Roselle Park, NJ

    Everyone that worked our party was excellent

    Jennifer M.
    Roselle Park, NJ

    I would recommend Pump It Up Roselle Park because just seeing my birthday boy's face that he's enjoying his time with friends I would come back. The staff did an amazing job when it came to the dance off with the kids . They were very involved and they had so much engery to keep with the kidsIt was great! Pump it Up really delivered

    Sally S.
    Roselle Park, NJ

    All staff who work on my child party were awesome they did a great job, I'm very satisfied.

    Ann M.
    Roselle Park, NJ

    Everyone was great I really loved everything.

    Virlena T.
    Roselle Park, NJ

    The children had fun was very organized yet kids were free to play or join group . We were very happy with the team handling the party

    Sherill B.
    Roselle Park, NJ

    They were great and made us feel comfortable.

    Carina T.
    Roselle Park, NJ

    Staffs were friendly courteous and professional.

    c. Edward
    Roselle Park, NJ

    The manager kept checking in with me and I really did appreciate that.

    Deneene A.
    Roselle Park, NJ

    The party was run very smoothly and there was more than adequate staff to keep things under control.

    Brian W.
    Roselle Park, NJ

    Staff were great playing with the kids and everything.

    Michael E.
    Roselle Park, NJ

    We have been here a few times and would definitely recommend.

    Maria A.
    Roselle Park, NJ

    I loved how they made my daughter feel. The gave her devoted attention and played with the kids. I felt like a queen!!!!

    Sandra P.
    Roselle Park, NJ

    it was fun for all and everything was available right at booking the party , you guys really took care of everythingI loved the image on the cake, I asked for a 69 Camaro and it was exactly that. It was fun and every much entertaining for the kids

    Joanne I.
    Roselle Park, NJ

    Every detail I asked for was executed by your staff. As the parent I was able to sit back and enjoy the party with my child while every detail was followed.

    Sabina R.
    Roselle Park, NJ

    The staff was hands on with the kids and my guess and I really enjoyed myself and the staff made everybody feel comfortable and I give Pump It Up in Roselle Park great reviews.

    Leslie L.
    Roselle Park, NJ

    When I asked them to take specific pictures they had no problem doing so. The party room was very nice.

    Melissa B.
    Roselle Park, NJ

    Definitely would recommend it to anyone all of the children and parents had a fantastic time

    Michelle O.
    Roselle Park, NJ

    All the staff that worked with us were great.

    Sandra F.
    Roselle Park, NJ

    Everyone was great, the kids had a great time!! Kids had fun, that's all that matters

    Dever L.
    Roselle Park, NJ

    Great place! Everyone were very helpful to us, I am very happy. Everything was prepared, great job!!

    Magdelena O.
    Roselle Park, NJ

    The ladies that were in the party room were very friendly and met the needs of the guest. They would come up to me and I would go up to them with any questions.

    Roselle Park, NJ

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