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Pump It Up is the best birthday party place for kids in Roselle Park!

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Super-size the fun

If a blow-the-doors-off birthday party is what you're looking for, Pump It Up's the place with huge inflatable indoor playgrounds, games aplenty, and even a blow-up birthday throne.

In a private space

Your party gets VIP treatment with your very own bounce house arenas, plus a private party room.

With super star status

Food, drinks, party favors - you pick your own kids birthday party package so you get exactly the party you want.

Simple, fast, fun

Reservations? Lightening fast. Party time? Super breezy. Clean up? Consider it done, because our party pros are there to help every step of the way.

Customer Reviews

Kids had fun and worry free for us.

Helene E.
Roselle Park, NJ

All the kids had a great time.

Judith B.
Roselle Park, NJ

Staff was always present and directed the activities. Decorations and food were as expected. The staff took responsibility to corral and direct the kids as needed so I never felt like I needed to do it myself.

Terry E.
Roselle Park, NJ

Great service!

Diana O.
Roselle Park, NJ

Great staff, made everything easy and fun

Shez Z.
Roselle Park, NJ

The Party Pros were engaging and got all of the kids going. They also made sure my son was taking care of. The team was great and engaging with my son the kids had a blast. The only issue was the ice cream cake was melting before it was served.

Elizabeth L.
Roselle Park, NJ

The Party Pros were very enthusiastic and entertaing with the kids!!

Janine L.
Roselle Park, NJ

From the confirmation phone calls to the attendants at the party everyone did great.

Ian M.
Roselle Park, NJ

It's a great place to have a party. The overall experience was great. All of the staff members answered my questions and were very accommodating. Everything went off according to plan.

Kimberly H.
Roselle Park, NJ

Everybody in the staff conducted themselves in a highly professional manner. They were all happy to help, super courteous and high spirited. I am very satisfied and would highly recommend Pump it Up!

Marianela T.
Roselle Park, NJ

Everything stood out! Perfect party! Perfect place! Any requests we hand were handled immediately!!! Brought my own paper products and tablecloths and they set everything up the way we wanted.

Joey K.
Roselle Park, NJ

Kids and guest had great time. Staff members during character dance and microphone use were great.

Angel H.
Roselle Park, NJ

My daugther was happy

Daniella H.
Roselle Park, NJ

All of the kids who helped were great!

Lisa F.
Roselle Park, NJ

It was fun and very good service mison really enjoy it

Enrique H.
Roselle Park, NJ

The staff makes the party awesome! The boys were great!!! t was clean, the staff was great as always

Flora N.
Roselle Park, NJ

Everyone and everything was great and exceeded our expectations! I didn't have to worry about a thing. Our guests even commented how great everything was. Thank you Pump it Up! Loved the Ninja turtle decorations!

Katie N.
Roselle Park, NJ

The interactions with the kids was great! They genuinely seemed to want the kids to have a good time. I was very satisfied with the service and accommodations.

Katleen M.
Roselle Park, NJ

It is a great place to entertain children especially during extreme weather conditions. I would recommend you guys.

Sandra V.
Roselle Park, NJ

All the team members were excellent on the day of our party. They all stood out to me! They all engaged with my family and other party guests and the kids had a great time.

Barbara D.
Roselle Park, NJ

Everything was great.

Monica P.
Roselle Park, NJ

The staff team helped me with everything and made the kids have a fun time.

Rossiris O.
Roselle Park, NJ

Everyone had a great time. The Party Pros were helpful throughout the entire party. They took care of everything. I didn't have to do anything.

Zelma C.
Roselle Park, NJ

The main person In charge when we got to the party room was excellent. She was attentive to all details and took care of us well.

Carla P.
Roselle Park, NJ

Party room through out the party they where great. The party room was very clean and neat the staff was awesome very helpful

Roseangela M.
Roselle Park, NJ

It was fantastic

Liliana C.
Roselle Park, NJ

They were all very good. It was great. The kids had a blast.

Gina S.
Roselle Park, NJ

Staff was very engaged with the children and kept things running smoothly.

Christina K.
Roselle Park, NJ

The entire party team was awesome. They kept me informed with every activity, especially made sure I was pleased with the set up of the party room. Very accommodating.

Denine B.
Roselle Park, NJ

The Party Pros were very helpful and very friendly. They took great care of the kids in the play area. Everything was wonderful

Roger R.
Roselle Park, NJ

They were exeptional from the beginning to the end.

Claudia M.
Roselle Park, NJ

Great place to have a party!

Ishan A.
Roselle Park, NJ

The staff were helpful and thanks to them everyone had a great time.

Patricia F.
Roselle Park, NJ

Awesome and covenient experience. All are amazing staff.

Marie S.
Roselle Park, NJ

Clean, fun and friendly! I like that they made the birthday boy feel special they interacted with him through out the whole time and he's a shy boy! Everything and everyone was great! We had a great party.

Natalia & Jason L.
Roselle Park, NJ

All the team members did a great job.

Linda B.
Roselle Park, NJ

We love it in there! Playing with the kids.Great energy !

Analia P.
Roselle Park, NJ

Very professional staff who explains everything thoroughly. All were very friendly.

Monica G.
Roselle Park, NJ

It was my first time at Pump It Up and it exceeded my expectations. The music and the lighting was pretty awsome.

Jeewoong Y.
Roselle Park, NJ

My friends already are planing their parties at Pump It Up. The Party Pros all stood out they all are rock stars. They did beyond great the party room was so put together.

Kina R.
Roselle Park, NJ

Everyone had a great time and we will definitely tell all of our friends. Everyone who worked our party was amazing. Staff was very friendly and energetic. Did a lot of fun things with the kids. Made sure everyone was fed quickly

Natalie W.
Roselle Park, NJ

People have already commented on how wonderful this particular pump it up was. Great job!Really the whole party. The staff was exceptional the whole time but they also really have a way of making the birthday child feel really special.The staff was very enthusiastic and created a great glow of party events.

Marie M.
Roselle Park, NJ

It's a great way to celebrate a bday. The kids are being active and you never need to worry about weather. So organized and everyone had fun. Stress free.

David C.
Roselle Park, NJ

Everything since the beginning the staff were outstanding. Very organize. Excellent service

Ina V.
Roselle Park, NJ

The woman hosting the party activities was wonderful with the games and keeping the momentum in a positive manner. Staff was very active with the children and kept it moving in a positive way

Annie M.
Roselle Park, NJ

This was my second time booking a party with Pump It Up and I will always come back as long as my children would like to.

Monique B.
Roselle Park, NJ

Best party ever! All the staff was excellent. They were really entertaining for kids and they made sure I didn't have to lift a finger.

Annmarie S.
Roselle Park, NJ

Was awesome the staff made sure the kids were having fun and were very attentive to the birthday boy & still had time for two games in the room was a big hit.

Greg P.
Roselle Park, NJ

The crew were amazing with their interactions with the children and adults.

Judy W.
Roselle Park, NJ

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