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Birthday Parties

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Party Experiences

Make your birthday party glow!

Go Glow!

Turn down the lights and turn up the fun.

Pump Up your party with this amazing glow in the dark lighting. It makes any party one of a kind and leaves a lasting impression on the birthday boy or girl and your guests!

See a Glow Party in action!

Book your kids birthday party today and add the Glow feature.

Price: $30.00 per Party
balloon drops

Balloon Drop

Check out our balloon drop in action!

Add the thrill of 100+ balloons falling from the sky to your party! We offer balloon drops in either of our 2 arenas - make it a grand entrance, a mid play time surprise or the grand finale! Balloon Drops are available for any private party ($50) - just let us know when you're confirming your party details!

Make it GLOW Balloons for just $10 more ($60)

Price: $50.00 per Party
Add bubbles to your birthday party


Add bubbles to any party!

Watch how our bubble machines fill the room with fun!

Bubbles Bubbles everywhere! Make a grand entrance with bubbles at the beginning of your party, or surprise your guests with bubbles just before playtime ends! Either way, you're adding some fun for all ages! 10 minutes of bubbles in one of our play arenas to make it special!

Price: $15.00 per Party
Add characters to your birthday party

Character Appearances

Make it an extra special moment when the kids' favorite character arrives! Characters spend 30 minutes in your party. They arrive in time for a group photo at end of play time, and join the Guest of Honor in the party room for Happy Birthday song and great photo opportunities with your friends & family. Call for availability!

Price: $75.00 per Party
Glitter Tattoo

Glitter Tattoos

Add some sparkle to your party! Glitter Tattoos are fun, temporary and memorable! An attendant will join your group in the Party Room to personally apply the Glitter Tattoos on the kids. Kids can choose their Tattoo or you can pre-select options! Great for birthdays, team parties, troop parties and fundraisers!

Price: $2.00 per Child
Let the games begin with a Glow Wars birthday party

Glow Wars

Let the games begin!

Pump Up your glow! Team Up for fun or tag EVERYONE with our Glow In the Dark Air Pump Guns, Glow In The Dark Balls and Glow!

Recommended for kids 7yo + up!

Price: $50.00 per Party
Lets keep partying

Let's Keep Partying Goodie Bag

Bring home one of our goodie bags to keep the party going! Includes: Thunderstick, harmonica, pull back racer and a puzzle ball.

Price: $3.99
Pirate Goodie Bag

Pirate Goodie Bag

Arrgh, Matey! This treat comes with a Mini Beach Ball, Treasure Map, Telescope, an Eye Patch & a Bandana.

Price: $3.99
Princess Goodie Bag

Princess Goodie Bag

Royalty Reigns! The Princess Bag includes a Jeweled Wand, Princess Beach Ball, Princess Sucker Pop & a Bracelet.

Price: $3.99
Goodie Bag

Goodie Bag

FIDGET Spinners - GLOW or Camouflage, multi colors. The perfect & easy goodie for your guests. Kids love them and we offer 10% off when you buy 15 or more.

Price: $4.99
Superhero themed party at Pump It Up!

Superhero Goodie Bag

This treat comes with a Flying Superhero, Stickers, a Boomerang, Superhero Airplane, and much more!

Price: $3.99
Water Bottle Goodie Bag

Water Bottle

Glow In The Dark Pump iT Up Water Bottle stuffed with Mini Goodie Bag contents - you can add your own personal items too!

Price: $5.99
Add a Mini Goodie Bag to your birthday party

Mini Goodie Bag

A Old Maid Card Game, Mini Grabber, Disc Launcher and Rubber Popper. Different colors, different versions, more fun!

Price: $1.99

Fun Party Items

T-Shirts $8.99
Cake Candles $2.00
Pair of Socks $2.00
Birthday party photos


Enjoy the party while our Party Pros capture some candids during the party to supplement your photos. The best part is you can download, share & email after the party!

Price: $14.99 each


Fidget Spinners - GLOW, Emoji, Camo $3.99
Pump It Up T-Shirt $8.99
Balloon Bouquet: 15 $15.00
Balloon Bouquet: 20 $20.00
Balloon Bouqet 25 $25.00
Single Latex Balloon $1.00

Pump It Up of Torrance throws the best kids birthday parties!

Super-size the fun

Make your next birthday party amazing with Pump It Up's huge inflatable party playgrounds, loads of games, and even a blow-up birthday throne.

In a private space

The birthday kid is king at Pump It Up, but your whole party gets VIP treatment in their very own bouncy house arenas, plus a private party room.

With super star status

Customize the perfect kids birthday package of food, beverages, party favors and more, so you get exactly the birthday you want.

Simple, fast, fun

Reservations are quick, the party's easy, and clean-up's breezy because our party pros are there to help you out every step of the way.
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