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Private Birthday Parties

We’ll make your party epic with huge inflatable indoor playgrounds, games galore, and even a blow-up birthday throne.

Group Events

Got a team, scout troop, or other group you’d like to treat? We’re on it. We can also help with field trips and fundraisers!

Other Ways to Play

Who wants to wait for the next birthday party? Check out our Event Calendar to put some jump into your normal routine.

We throw the best birthday parties on the planet!

Can’t Get Enough Indoor Jumping?

Check out our upcoming events:

    100% Private, Clean & Safe Parties

    What's Up at Pump It Up

    A young boy is pumped to celebrate his birthday party at the best indoor birthday party place

    Private Birthday Parties

    Looking for a party place you know they’ll love? Pump It Up of Torrance is the place. Here’s what you’re in for:

    • Fun: Everybody get ready to jump and bounce around our inflatable indoor playgrounds.
    • Easy: Making your kid's birthday party reservation is easy at Pump It Up — just call or book online.
    • Private: Your group gets its own private arena and party room.
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    Other Fun Family Activities

    Looking for big fun beyond a birthday? Larger-than-life fun is available throughout the week at Pump It Up of Torrance with Open Jumps and Drop-off Playdates. See our Bounce Schedule to see what’s coming up.

    A girls with angel wings jumps for joy because she gets to play in one of Pump It Up's indoor bounce houses
    Groups like soccer teams and girls scouts celebrate their accomplishments at one of our inflatable jump places

    Indoor Group Events

    Bring your group for a jumping good time! Pump It Up of Torrance can help with:

    • Field Trips for district & home schools, daycare, camps & organizations
    • Sports Team Parties
    • Girl and Boy Scout Troops
    • Fundraisers for schools, leagues, teams, clubs & community organizations
    • Pump It Up of Torrance proudly serves the Los Angeles, South Bay and surrounding communities
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    Girl Scouts celebrate as a group at an indoor party place

    Customer Reviews

    The Party Pros were great and very professional! Money well spent!

    Erica C.
    Torrance, CA

    When I had parked and was getting out my car with my boys it was a guy that immediately open the door and was very helpful with my son cake, balloons, etc.

    Celeste O.
    Torrance, CA

    The employees were all so helpful and polite. Great experience!

    Kathy A.
    Torrance, CA

    They were professional & catered to my needs as well as the guest. They were phenomenal

    Danesha B.
    Torrance, CA

    They were extremely friendly and fun to maintain the little kindergarteners' attention throughout the party. It was so easy and fun for the parents too!

    Sunne K.
    Torrance, CA

    As a first time guest at Pump It Up I was surprised, excited and happy to see my kids and family having a great time with all the interactive playgrounds. It was more than what I expected.

    Aura Z.
    Torrance, CA

    Our two hosts were great. The kids had fun, the parents were relaxed, and the party went smoothly from beginning to end. Hosts were excellent. Took care of every detail.

    Amy F.
    Torrance, CA

    Great facilities and packages for kids parties 🙂

    Michelle A.
    Torrance, CA

    The girls working the party were nice and attentive. It was great.

    Mandy H.
    Torrance, CA

    Amazing service, easy party in and out in 2 hours all taken care of!

    Yaria G.
    Torrance, CA

    The two people assigned to my party were the best. They were always attentive, detail-oriented and very helpful. Made our experience (and my daughter's) memorable. Set up the room exactly how I wanted it!

    Kelly L.
    Torrance, CA

    Very clean, organized, and the staff was amazing! The whole experience was great, this is the 1st party I actually got to enjoy and not working.

    Tiffany U.
    Torrance, CA

    I was grateful when Lexi suggested that we could try out 5 minutes of Glow room just to see if kids would like it or not. I wanted to add the option when I made a reservation but i wasn't sure if kids would get scared or not. It was nice that we could try and see. I ended up adding the option and kids loved it! Thank you for nice suggestion.

    Mimi W.
    Torrance, CA

    I loved how they interacted with the kids. It was overall an exciting day.

    Warnisha M.
    Torrance, CA

    EXCELLENT experience. Best children party I've ever been to. Both my staff helpers were great. EVERYONE enjoyed themselves. Facility was clean and a great time.

    Lynn J.
    Torrance, CA

    The staff were great! Thank you!!

    Lisa A.
    Torrance, CA

    Everyone that helped out with the party from organizing it to answering my questions, were outstanding! They were friendly and engaging; they went the extra mile to make the kids happy!

    Katrina J.
    Torrance, CA

    The girls that helped us were extremely attentive and helpful. They really let us enjoy and spend time with family while they took care of everything else. I was so satisfied with their help and professionalism.

    Chastity M.
    Torrance, CA

    I would recommend this location to friends and family.The staff was nice and friendly.The staff did everything for me.

    Ronnie M.
    Torrance, CA

    The kids and the adults enjoyed themselves.The host did great job with unruly kids.I saw my babies and friends had a ball.

    Kopiolina D.
    Torrance, CA

    All team members were very friendly and helpful

    Maria T.
    Torrance, CA

    I have to say your staff was great. My party was very enjoyable and I would definitely do it again.

    Tamika W.
    Torrance, CA

    I think this will be my go to place for my daughter's party. They all were great. Everyone enjoyed themselves and the staff was kind and helpful.

    Keisha L.
    Torrance, CA

    We had a great experience. It was very fun kids enjoyed them self and so did the grown ups.

    Mariza T.
    Torrance, CA

    Everyone was great, from the moment we were greeted till staff walked us out to our car.

    Sandra B.
    Torrance, CA

    The party was great !

    Mayra P.
    Torrance, CA

    The attention given while all the kids were eating was fabulous.

    Debbie R.
    Torrance, CA

    Loved the add-ons of the pictures, bubbles & neon black lights.

    Jessica O.
    Torrance, CA

    Staff was extremely helpful from beginning to end. Party Pros were significantly friendly and organized.

    Gladys R,
    Torrance, CA

    Everything was smooth and organized

    Niveen K.
    Torrance, CA

    Everything was organized. I was shown the room prior to my guest coming in. The two employees that helped us were very good !!!

    Christina K.
    Torrance, CA

    The hosts did a great job!

    Janis & Brad B.
    Torrance, CA

    My daughter exclaimed that it was ""the best day ever"" after having her birthday party at Pump It Up! I love that it was so easy for me. The staff was extremely attentive and made sure that nothing was overlooked. It was a blast!

    Desiree N.
    Torrance, CA

    Easy, super fun party from beginning (booking), loading and unloading the car, room decor, cake, play time, everything was so worry free.

    Penny W.
    Torrance, CA

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