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We’ve Got The Birthday Party Food Covered Too!

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Add food to your party!

Food & Beverage Policy

We allow the following items from the outside without a charge: cake or cupcakes, prepackaged dry snacks (chips, goldfish, crackers, popcorn), sealed salsa or hummus for the chips, and non-carbonated bottled water. All other food and beverage must be purchased through Pump It Up. There's a $50 outside food fee if you wish to bring in food from your culture, but it can not be any items on our menu. Please remember to bring in any serving utensils required for your outside food, including a cake knife.

Pizza - A Party Staple


Large Cheese Pizza (14 slices) $18.99
Each Additional Topping $2.00
Large Gourmet Pizza (14 slices) $24.99
(Selection: BBQ Chk, Premium Veggie, Combo, $0.00
Buffalo Chk, California Veggie, Bombay Veggie) $0.00
Medium Glutin Free Cheese Pizza (8 slices) $14.99

Sub Sandwich Trays

8" Sub Sandwich $9.99
Sub Sandwich Tray (18 pieces) $59.99
(Selection: Turkey & Provolone, $0.00
Italian, Turkey Avocado Club, Veggie Wrap) $0.00

Salad Trays

Mixed Green Salad (serves 15+) $32.99
Mixed Green Salad with Baked Chicken (serves 15+) $40.99
Ceaser Salad (serves 15+) $36.99
Ceaser Salad with Baked Chicken (serves 15+) $44.99
Greek Salad (Serves 15+) $36.99
Greek Salad with Lemon Chicken (serves 15+) $44.99
Veggie Tray

Appetizer Trays

Fruit Tray (5lbs, serves 15+) $23.99
Vegetable Tray (4lbs, serves 15+) $21.99


Capri Sun Juice Box $0.70
16.9 oz Bottled Water $0.70
2 Liter Soda - Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Orange, Lemonade $3.50
Chicken Wings

Other Food Items

Marinara or Alfredo Pasta (Serves 15+) $59.99
Gourmet Mac & Cheese (serves 15+) $49.99
Chicken Tenders (3) $4.99
Fresh Baked Breadsticks (12) $9.99
Chicken Wings (10) - BBQ, Lemon, Spicy $18.99

Super-size the fun

We are the inflatable party place with giant indoor playgrounds ... a huge selection of games... and our inflatable birthday throne is worthy of royalty. And that's just the start.

In a private space

It's your day, and we're the kids party place that let's you have your very own bounce house arenas and private party room - no sharing required!

With super star status

Get exactly the party package you want when you pick out kids' favorite meal items, drinks and goody bags.

Simple, fast, fun

Step one: Call or go online to make your quick and simple reservation. Step two: Let our party pros handle just about everything else. Yup, it's that's easy!
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