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Party Experiences


Go Glow!

Turn down the lights and turn up the fun.

Pump Up your party with this amazing glow in the dark lighting. It makes any party one of a kind and leaves a lasting impression on the birthday boy or girl and your guests!

See a Glow Party in action!

Book your kids birthday party today and add the Glow feature. Includes a glow bracelet for each child.

Price: $50.00 per Party
General Goodie Bags

Party On! Goodie Bag

Party On with a goodie bag filled with various prizes inside! Kids can take home an inflatable beach ball, shutter shades, ice cream cone shooter and more!

Price: $4.25 each

Let's Keep Partying Goodie Bag

Bring home more fun with the mini goodie bag. Comes with PIU coloring book, crayons, PIU punch ball, PIU disc shooter, slide flute, candy. Contents may vary.

Price: $3.00 each
Pirate Goodie Bag

Pirate Goodie Bag

Arrgh, Matey! This treat comes with a Mini Beach Ball, Treasure Map, Telescope, an Eye Patch & a Bandana.
Contents may vary.

Price: $4.25 each

Fun Activities

Gift Certificates - $5 Denominations $5.00

Fun Party Items

Pump It Up Water Bottle $3.00
Pump It Up Coloring Tee $8.00
Pump It Up Scout Patch $3.00
Pump It Up Thunder Sticks $2.75
Box Candle Sticks $4.00
Number Candle $3.00
Pump It Up Socks $4.00
Socks $3.00
Birthday party photos


Party photos have never been easier. Let us take the photos throughout your party to give you dozens of pictures of your child’s birthday, while you sit back and relax.

Price: $25.00 each


Balloon Bouquet - 10 $15.00
Balloon Bouquet - 15 $22.00
Balloon Bouquet - 25 $35.00
Single 9" Latex Balloon or Fill $1.50
Single 18" Mylar Balloon or Fill $3.00

Super-size the fun

We are the inflatable party place with giant indoor playgrounds ... a huge selection of games... and our inflatable birthday throne is worthy of royalty. And that's just the start.

In a private space

It's your day, and we're the kids party place that let's you have your very own bounce house arenas and private party room - no sharing required!

With super star status

Get exactly the party package you want when you pick out kids' favorite meal items, drinks and goody bags.

Simple, fast, fun

Step one: Call or go online to make your quick and simple reservation. Step two: Let our party pros handle just about everything else. Yup, it's that's easy!
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