Birthdays are one of the most exciting days of the year for most people—especially kids! They evoke joy, laughter, love, and camaraderie. Around the world, birthdays are celebrated uniquely in different cultures. At Pump It Up, we often celebrate by singing “Happy Birthday,”, exchanging gifts, party favors, enjoying food, indulging in some delicious cake, and, of course, by jumping on giant inflatables! Here is how they are celebrated differently in some other countries.


Did you know that in Jamaica, they have a super fun birthday tradition called “antiquing.”? It’s where the guest of honor gets covered in flour, unexpectedly, of course! After the “antiquing” surprise, there’s usually either a planned or surprise party to celebrate the special day. Delicious Jamaican food and cake are served, and everyone sings a Jamaican version of “Happy Birthday” to the lucky person. And in Brazil, they take “antiquing” to the next level by throwing eggs! How hilarious is that?


In Ireland, there are many fun traditions! One of them includes “bumping” the birthday child. There are a few variations of this. In one variation, an adult turns the child upside down and bumps their head very lightly on the floor. The number of bumps equals the age of the child, sometimes with an extra bump for good luck in the coming year. During the celebration, many friends and family members gather to enjoy delicious Irish dishes and treats. When someone turns 21, they are given the “key of the house,” which symbolizes their transition into adulthood and the freedom to come and go as they please.

cake with strawberries and berries

Norwegians know how to throw a party. Birthdays are a big deal in Norway, and if a child’s birthday falls on a school day, they get to celebrate in class! It’s a time for food, dance, music, and all sorts of fun. Seafood, fresh fruit, and sweet treats are just some of the yummy treats you’ll find at a Norwegian birthday bash. And let’s not forget the cake — it’s usually either chocolate or vanilla or a delicious fruit-and-cream creation. When Norwegians turn 18, it’s a really big deal, marking the transition into adulthood. And the best part? Everyone gets to sing the Norwegian birthday song, “Hurra for Deg“!


When a child celebrates their special day in provinces like Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland, their nose gets greased for good luck! Yes, you heard it right! The birthday child’s nose is greased to make them too slippery for bad luck to catch them. This awesome tradition is believed to have originated in Scotland and was brought over to Eastern Canada.

Kids sitting around cake sitting on inflatbale thron at 100% private party at Pump It Up
It’s never too late to adopt birthday traditions in your own family.! Your child can grow, have their own children, and pass on a tradition that you started this year. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? For more awesome birthday ideas, check out

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