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We've Got The Birthday Party Food Covered Too!

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Coca-Cola Products


We proudly offer Coca Cola products and more

Pitcher of Soft Drink {per pitcher} $4.95
Pitcher of Apple Juice or Orange Juice $4.95
16oz Poland Spring Water Bottle $1.00
Coffee Carafe $20.00
Pepperoni Pizza


Hot, fresh and delicious

16" Round Cheese Pizza $17.50
12" Gluten Free Pizza $15.00
Sicilian Pizza {16" Square} $20.00
Meat or Veggie Lovers Pizzas $24.00
Toppings on Pizza (each) $3.50
Add food to your party!

Party Food

French Fry Tray {feeds 12-15} $22.00
Jumbo Wings {25} $48.00
Jumbo Wings {50} $95.00
Hoagie Tray {30 Pieces} $72.00
Assorted Wrap Tray {24 Pieces} $85.00

Healthy Alternatives

Fresh Fruit, Veggies, Salad and more

Fresh Veggie Tray w/dip $40.00
Fresh Fruit Bowl $45.00
Garden Salad $46.00
Caesar Salad $46.00

Fun Party Food & Snacks

Snack, party food and more

Fresh Popcorn {per serving} $1.00
Large Snack Bowl $10.95
Nachos & Salsa $12.95
Pepperoni, Cheese & Crackers Tray $35.00
Cotton Candy {made to order-$30 and up} $30.00
Nachos & Guacamole $16.95


Fun and tasty desserts you won't want to resist

Ice Cream Cake 1/2 Sheet $40.00
Ice Cream Cups {each} $1.00
Ice Cream Sundae Bar {per child} $4.00
Brownie Bite Platter {sm $18 lg $32} $32.00
Cookies {assorted butter} 2lb $25 4lb $40 $40.00
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