West Chester, OH
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Even the younger crowd can enjoy the action on our toddler slide.

west chester indoor playground

The Playground 2.0 includes a slide and a large bounce area with 3 basketball hoops.

party room

Private Party Room


You will love our vibrant party rooms! Sit down and let us take care of everything for you and your guests! Enjoy your pizza and other goodies while you watch your party photos scroll accross the television and the Guest of Honor will receive the royal treatment. 

Imagination Zone (No Sign)

Kids physically become part of, and interact within, the game itself. The action zone with the X-Box Kinect Just Dance Game can accomodate up to 4 players.

inflatable skeeball game

Enjoy the inflatable version of Skeeball. Fun for kids and adults.

Obstacle Course

40 Foot Obstacle Course

Race your friends through this AH-MAZE-ING obstacle course!

inflatable basketball game

Bounce Pad

Bungee Jump


How high can you go?  Have fun soaring in the air on this great attraction. The Bungee Jump is included in every party package. Don't worry, you don't have to attend a party to enjoy this attraction, you can purchase a ticket to jump during our Open Jumps.  

Ages 3 to 13 only

05 - aroberts

Enjoy our newest inflatable that includes a circular slide and a bounce area in the middle with a basketball hoop.

Inflatable Slide


Everyone loves a slide! This is certainly a crowd pleaser! Even adults will love to climb up the ladder and slide down.

Come and enjoy!

Slippery Slope Inflatable

Slippery Slope

Compete with your friends to see who can scale the slope and be the first to grab the flag at the top! Will you conquer the slope and be the victor?

Motion Mania - A game you play with your feet!

Motion Mania

A game that takes a projection and turns the floor into augmented, interactive fun. Motion Mania encourages kids’ playtime through imaginative play. The customized playlist includes a wide variety of games including, Balloons, Super Soccer, Ball Pit, Piano and Disco Floor. 

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