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Birthday Parties

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Refreshing & healthy options after all that fun jumping!

Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sierra mist, Orange, Root Beer, Brisk Lemon Tea, Brisk Watermelon $2.50
Bottled Water - Gallon $2.50
K-Cup Coffee $2.00
Kool Aid Juice Pouch $0.75
Honest Kid Juice Pouch $0.85
Apple or Orange Juice 2L $3.95
Mini Water bottle (party room only) $0.75
Pepperoni Pizza


PIZZA! Delivered just moments before your party is ready to eat!

Single Topping Pizza - 10 slices $15.00
Multi-Topping Pizza - 10 slices $17.00
Gluten Free Pizza - 6 slices $13.00

Salad & Sandwich Trays

Fresh salads, tasty sliders, crispy croissant sandwiches, fun pinwheel wraps, and hearty pretzel bread sandwiches that your guests will love!

Garden or Caesar Salad - up to 15 people $21.99
Garden or Caesar Salad - up to 25 people $34.99
Greek Salad - up to 15 people $29.99
Greek Salad - up to 25 people $59.99
Hawaiian Slider Platter - up to 20 people $29.99
Pretzel Bread Sandwiches- 15-20 people $39.99
Croissant Sandwich or Pinwheel Wrap Platter - up to 20 people $44.99
Fruit Trays

Breakfast & Desserts

Make it a GOOD Morning with some continental style breakfast items, fresh fruits, cheese, and of course, dessert treats!

1 Dozen Donuts $13.00
1 Dozen Bagels, Muffins or Croissants $17.00
Fruit Tray (seasonal fruits) - up to 15 people $49.00
Pucker Powder (Available as a Party Favor!), various sizes, starting @ $2.00
Dippin' Dots Pouch $3.99
Brookie Pie (Brownie / Cookie) 8pc $8.50
Chicken Wings

Additional Food Options

Round out your menu with some fun party food! Wings, Poppers, Garlic Knots, Salsa & Bean Dip, Veggie Platters, Grapes & Cheese or go bold with Salami, Cheese & Crackers for some grown-up snacking!

Bone in Chicken Wings (16 pieces) $17.00
Boneless Chicken Poppers (30 Pieces) $17.00
Garlic Knots (8 pieces) $6.00
Relish Veggie Tray - snack veggies & dip - up to 10 people $15.00
Salsa Bean Dip Tray - up to 15 people $25.00
Veggie Tray w/Ranch Dip - up to 20 people $30.00
Grapes & Cheese Cubes - up to 20 people $35.00
Ultimate Salami, Cheese & Crackers Platter - up to 20 people $39.00

Amazing kids birthday parties are our specialty at Pump It Up of Ventura!

Super-size the fun

We're the ultimate kids birthday party place, with giant inflatable indoor playgrounds, plenty of games, a blow-up birthday throne and more.

In a private space

Your group rules your own bounce house arenas and private party room at Pump It Up.

With super star status

We customize your birthday party package with what you want, so it can include all the food, drinks and party favors that you pick out.

Simple, fast, fun

Easy reservations, easy party time, easy clean up. You can thank our party pros who are there to help every step of the way.
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