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Canyon Crossing

Now introducing our BRAND NEW Canyon Crossing!

Make your way across the canyon by jumping from ball to ball - but be careful not to wipeout!

Imagination Zone

Imagination Zone

The Imagination Zone is the world's first Augmented Reality Fun System. The Imagination Zone literally surrounds kids and puts them in the middle of fun and fantasy.

Kids physically become part of, and interact within, the game itself. The ginormous action zone can immerse up to 4 players in a 360 degree creative craze of digital entertainment.



Inflatables at Pump It Up

Tot Spot

Check out our tot spot! Now your whole family can have fun in our Imagainsiums.

Now featuring softer and smaller obstacles to climb on, toys, activities and games suitable for children 3 years and younger. 

Imagination Blocks

Imagination Blocks

Turn these blocks into a tower, a fort or a bridge – whatever your kids could possibly imagine. 

Inflatable- Lunar Ball

Lunar Ball

Sports enthusiasts get a kick out of this giant inflatable. Hold a soccer shootout, shoot some hoops or test yourself with jousting. Pick one, or play them all – Triple Threat’s a hit! 

Single Lane Slide - Inflatable

Sky Slide

A ride your kids will never forget. A major slide!!

Slippery Slope Inflatable

Slippery Slope

Compete with your friends to see who can scale the slope and be the first to grab the flag at the top! Will you conquer the slope and be the victor?

Inflatable- Space Jam

Space Jam

The Ultimate Playground combines basketball, rock climbing, and sliding in to one. 

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