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Want to have a surprise visit from one or more of our characters to make their birthday just a little more special? Ask us about it when you are booking your next party!

Canyon Crossing

Canyon Crossing is considered the most entertaining ride in over 150 Pump It Up's. The kids love the thrill of leaping safely across inflatable canyon.

Motion Mania - A game you play with your feet!

Motion Mania

A game that takes a project and turns the floor into augmented interactive fun. Motion Mania encourages kids’ playtime through imaginative play. The customized playlist includes a wide variety of games including, Balloons, Super Soccer, Ball Pit, Piano and disco Floor. 

Slippery Slope Inflatable

Our new newest inflatable. The Slippery slope is a great challenge for the kids. They try to place flags as far up the slope as they can. Many will try, but only a select few can make it to the top.

Imagination Blocks

Our Imagination blocks bring a new dimension to a party or playtime. The kids get creative building huge machines, building, their own obstacle courses...etc.

Come check it out.

Pump It Up Westchase

Join our Super Hero Training Camp Team!

Imagine the fun of adding a Super Hero Adventure package to your Ultimate Party. Our Team of Super Hero Trainers are ready to get started.

Glow Wars at Westchase

Glow Wars is an add-on experience - combines our awesome inflatables with an arsenal of Glow Pong ball guns in Arena B. The Kids blast away in our Laser lit arena while bouncing.

Customer must order a Glow package experience (or select a Deluxe Party that already includes Glow) , then add the glow wars experience.

Pump It Up Westchase

You never know who you will see at Pump It Up!!!

Call us to learn what princess & kitty characters are available and how to secure one for your next party.

Snowball Fueds at Pump It Up

We have added Snowballs to our Frozen Party Bundle or you can add them to any party package. Ask our staff when booking your party.

mad hatter party room

Our Party Rooms can hold up to 90 people per party room. Each room includes 4 tables in 2 rows.  48 kids can be seated while the parents use benches around the periphery.

Our rooms have counters and sinks which it it easy to serve food, cake...etc. We also have a table for presents and an inflatable throne for the Bday child.

Temporary Tattoo

Kids wear their personalized Tattoo's like a badge of honor!!!

Imaginations run wild as they scan over 65 tattoo's from butterflies to sports themes. Once they have chosen their "must have" Tattoo, they move onto selecting a unique set of colors. In the end, they have the perfect piece of art work that they are proud to show off.

Tattoo's can be purchased Ala Carte' or they are included in our Deluxe Party Packaging.

Inflatable - Obstacle Course

Obstacle Course -Arena B

Challenge your child to a race through our obstacle courses.

Inflatable Slide

Slide - Arena A

Burn off some energy climbing to the top! And enjoy the slide down! 

Double Lane Slide - Inflatable

Double Slide - Arena B 

Twice the fun! Race you down! 

Inflatable Triple Threat

Basketball Bounce House - Arena A

Sports enthusiasts get a kick out of this giant inflatable. Hold a BasketBall shootout, or shoot some hoops or test yourself with Boxing.

Coliseum Inflatable

Octagon Fun

Joust, play dodge ball or jump! This fun ride is for thrill seekers to jump and joust! Either way you choose –let the fun begin!

Mini Octagon Inflatable

Our Octagon is a hit with kids of all ages (including dads), there are tons of soft balls and glow in the dark balls to play dodge ball.

Tee Ball - Inflatable

Tee Ball Practice Anyone!

Turn down the lights and pump up the fun

Arena B is loaded with Black Lights, Fx Lights and Lasers that all work with the beat of the music.  Our Glow Parties include the lighting and the kids get Glow necklaces.

Glow changes an ordinary Bounce Party into a super cool, imaginations run wild, catch me if you can party! Check out Glow Video in the Pin Boxes at the bottom of the page.

Glow Wars at Westchase

Digital Hula Hoops, Glow Guns, Karaoke can be added to any Deluxe Party. Call and ask one of Pump It Up Party Planners for details. Call 813-854-2222 and we can help cusomize your Pump It Up Party!

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