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Kids Birthday Party Place in Tampa

We've Got The Birthday Party Food Covered Too!

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Pizza - A Party Staple

Kids Food Choices

When doing a Deluxe or Ultimate party you may choose one of these options to feed the kids. We can not mix and match as they come from different caterers.

2 slices of Pizza + Beverage - incl. in Deluxe or Utimate options $0.00
Sandwich-Ham /Turkey with Cheese + Bev.- incl in Deluxe or Ultimate $0.00
Chicken Nuggets + Beverage - incl. in Deluxe or Ultimate options $0.00
Supreme Pizza

L Pizza- Feeds about 6 Adults

Cheese $16.00
1 Item $17.00
Hawaiian $20.00
Veggie $20.00
Meat $21.00
Supreme $23.00
Specialty Pizza $22.00
Chicken Wings

Garlic Knots & Wings

Chicken Wings -1/2 Tray feeds 15 people $35.00
Chicken Wings -Full tray feeds 30 people $65.00
Garlic Knots - 1/2 Tray $25.00
Garlic Knots - Full Tray $45.00
Fruit Trays

Other Trays

Fruit Tray - feeds up to 30 people $60.00
Sandwich Tray - feeds up to 30 people $65.00
Veggie Tray - feeds up to 30 people $55.00


Full Tray Tossed Salad $35.00
Add food to your party!


2 Liter Pepsi Sodas -7 flavors available $3.00
Aquafina 20oz Water $1.30
Capri Sun 100% Juice $0.80
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