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Come jump on our new Canyon Crossing

An obstacle course unlike any other! Designed to challenge and entertain, this giant obstacle course features three huge purple inflatable balls surrounded by a red ball pit. The ball pit is cushioned with our patented Zero shock technology and fells like falling into water!

Can you make it across? or you will fall! Come and try yourself......! 

Pump It Up Party Room

Air Hockey at Pump It Up

Junior Rides

Inflatable Vertical Rush

Mount Rush

A combination of a rock wall and dual lane slide – friends rush to this ride to see who makes it through first! 

Inflatable Slide

Sky Slide

A ride your kids will never forget. A major slide!

Motion Mania - A game you play with your feet!

Motion Mania

A game that takes a project and turns the floor into augmented interactive fun. Motion Mania encourages kids’ playtime through imaginative play. The customized playlist includes a wide variety of games including, Balloons, Super Soccer, Ball Pit, Piano and disco Floor. 

Imagination Blocks

Imagination Blocks

Turn these blocks into a tower, a fort or a bridge – whatever your kids could possibly imagine. 

Slippery Slope Inflatable

Slippery Slope

Compete with your friends to see who can scale the slope and be the first to grab the flag at the top! Will you conquer the slope and be the victor?

Inflatables at Pump It Up

5 in 1 Combo Bouncer

This ride has it all! Slam dunk basketball like a pro, climb mountains, bounce on air and slide down into a soft landing. Kids love this ride!

Inflatable - Octogon


Joust or jump! This fun ride is for two thrill seekers to jump and joust! Either way you choose –let the fun begin!

Cyclone Blast

Cyclone Blast

Whoosh! Brave the blast! With speeds of up 78 miles per hour you’ll feel like you’re in a tropical storm. Go on…jump on this ride – you’ll be blown away! 

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