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Pump It Up Frequently Asked Questions

COVID-19 Procedures

How do 100% private parties make it safer to celebrate?
As always, our 100% private parties provide you the opportunity to be in control of who attends your event and allows us to clean and sanitize the party space between each event. In addition, we have implemented the use of a sanitizing fogging device between events on inflatables and surfaces. This method offers far better coverage, shorter drying times, and an overall better kill rate for viruses and bacteria within the facility to keep our guests and employees safe.
When are you reopening?
We are excited to announce that we are NOW OPEN. Daily updates can occur due to local officials guidance so please check back for future updates.
What are your cleaning procedures?
Diligence in keeping areas sanitary is, as always, of the utmost importance. Team members receive training on the proper cleaning methods and protocols for every area of our facility. Detailed checklists are utilized for all cleaning and our management team enforces that standards are met at all times. Hand sanitizer is available to guests throughout the facility. Floors and surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected daily. In our party rooms, all tables, and our birthday throne are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each event. We have increased allotted cleaning time for sanitization and added additional time and team members dedicated to disinfecting between events using an EPA approved disinfectant for use against SARS-CoV-2.
What other measures are you taking to follow social distancing protocols?
We have implemented numerous measures to limit contact, including contactless payment options, digital kiosks, reduced cross-traffic between 100% private parties, and introduced individually packaged food items.
Do I need to wear a mask?
Masks are required. See https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/prevent-getting-sick/cloth-face-cover.html for more information and guidance.


How long are you closed for?
Temporary Closed Due to Unforeseen Circumstances: We regret to inform you that our business is temporarily closed due to uncertain conditions and will be closed until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and appretiate your understanding during this challenging time.. We are not accepting future bookings at this time.
Are socks required?
Yes, socks are required to play on the inflatables.
Are your inflatables safe and clean?
Absolutely! Our inflatables have been custom designed to account for heavy, indoor use. Each inflatable goes through rigorous testing for all ages before it is released to any of our facilities nationwide. At our facility, each inflatable is anchored to the floor, wall, and/or ceiling to provide extra stability. Entrances and tunnels are wiped down after each party and every inflatable is cleaned and inspected on an ongoing maintenance schedule.
Is each guest, including adults, required to have a completed/signed waiver?
For insurance purposes, every guest who enters our arenas must have a completed waiver. All guests 17 years of age and younger must have a waiver completed and signed by a parent/guardian. For your convenience, family members aged 17 years or younger may be included on the same waiver. Additional waivers are available at Pump It Up or online.
Are there any age/height restrictions?
Yes. For safety purposes, children under 34 inches are NOT permitted in or on the equipment for any reason (even if accompanied by an adult).
Will Pump It Up provide supervision in the play areas?
Our fun and friendly staff will provide supervision in the inflatable play areas so you can relax and enjoy the party!
Are gratuities (tips) appropriate?
Gratuities for our staff are always welcome.
Can a guest play while wearing a cast?
In the interest of safety, any guest wearing a cast or other motion limiting medical device (splint, sling, or brace) will not be permitted to participate on the inflatables. While we welcome them to attend the party and will not charge for their attendance, they will be prohibited from playing on the inflatables.
What forms of payment are accepted?
For your convenience we accept cash, Visa & MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and Apple Pay as payment options. Sorry no checks.
Can adults play on the inflatables?
No, we don't allow adults to jump with kids for safety purposes.

Birthday Party

What time should my guests and I arrive at the party?
We ask that you and your guests arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled party to allow time for sign in on iPad kiosks and for Pump It Up safety video viewing. During this time you can also bring in your food/decorations and we can reserve the items in the back until your party room is ready.
Will there be a Pump It Up staff member available to assist me in the party room?
Our staff members will be present around the facility and can offer help in the room if you would like to add an attendant to your party.
Is a deposit required?
A $50 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your party. The balance is due and payable on the day of your party.
What if I need to reschedule my party?
You may reschedule or cancel your reservation up to 15 days prior to your party date with no additional fees or restrictions. If you change or cancel within 10 days of your party date, the balance of the party price will be charged to you. Your rescheduled party will be restricted to a Monday through Friday date unless scheduled on a short-term basis. To cancel your party, you must speak with a party coordinator and receive a cancellation number, and also send email to for cancellation request. Deposit is non-refundable.
Is my party private or will my guests share the inflatables and party rooms with guests from other parties?
For the safety and security of your guests, your party is completely private 100% all the time. There will not be any other people from any other parties in the arenas or party rooms while you are there. This allows our staff to focus solely on your group and to make the occasion special for your child.
Will the party room be available for us during our arena play time?
Typically not, because there will usually be another party in the party room. However, feel free to check at the front desk to see if it is available.
What food items can be brought into the facility?
You are more than welcome to bring your own food, drinks, and deserts. We ask that you only bring food that doesn't create a mess and is easy to handle. Please don't bring electrical warmers to the facility.
Do you provide party room set up and clean up?
Our staff will provide post-party clean-up and the party host is expected to take care of set-up. If you would like an attendant to set-up for you, you may add one to your party!
Can I use my own decorations and/or paper products in the party room?
We provide paper plates, cups, napkins, and utensils, however, you’re welcome to use your own decorations and/or paper products in the party room. To preserve the integrity of our party rooms, we do not permit wall or ceiling decorations, streamers, silly string, confetti, or piñatas. Please make sure to only bring simple decorations that can be set-up and cleaned up with 5-10 minutes.
What are your standard weekend party start times?
For weekends you can start as early as 9 AM, our parties are 2 hours long, 70 minutes private jumping (35 minutes in each arena), and 50 minutes in a private party room.
What kind of drinks can I bring?
You can bring any drinks except alcoholic drinks, Pump It Up is a kids' party place and we do not allow any alcoholic drinks in the facility.
Do I need to stay at the party?
The party host is required to stay at the party. Other adults are also welcome to stay and hang out in the arenas, we have TV, wifi, massage chairs, arcade games, and air hockey for adults to enjoy but not allowed to jump on the inflatables.
Are the party prices different on Holidays and School Closings?
Parties scheduled on holidays & school closings are subject to our weekend rates for party pricing.
How do I schedule a Pump It Up party?
It's easy! You can reserve online or just give us a call and we'd be happy to reserve your special day and time!
Can we start in the party room?
No. Parties move on a rotation, so both party rooms will be in use when your party begins. Your room will be available to set-up shortly before your party enters the party room.
I booked a Glow Party - Is there anything special I need to tell my guests?
You might suggest that they wear white, neon or glow-in-the-dark clothing so they’ll really glow under the black lights!
Can I spend more than the designated play time in the inflatable arena?
Please check or call for our pricing for time extension and availability.
Can I have alcohol for the adults?
No alcohol is allowed in our facility.
Can I bring my own goodie bags and/or balloons?
If you are not purchasing our popular Pump It Up goodie bags you are welcome to bring your own. You may also bring in your own balloons. We do not have helium balloons and if you want us to inflate your balloons there will be additional charge to it. Balloons filled with confetti are not allowed.
Do you offer any other food besides pizza?
Due to COVID-19, we do not currently provide food.
Do you provide ice for drinks?
We do not have ice, but we do have refrigerators.

Open Jump

Is there an additional charge for parents, siblings, and/or care-givers?
There is no additional charge for parents or caregivers. However, siblings are counted as part of the guest count.
Do I need to stay with my child during the Open Play session
Yes – Parents are required to stay all the time with their kids, our weekly Open Jump sessions are not drop-off events.

Other Ways to Play

Are reservations required for camps?
We recommend that you reserve your childs space for camp. Please contact us to make reservations.
What food items can be brought into the facility?
No outside food is allowed except cake, cupcakes and cookies.
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