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Silver Spring Glow 2

Boogie down with our Disco Jam party experience!

Take your party to a new level with
our disco ball and super cool lighting
in the first Play Arena!

Each child takes home a pair of cool sunglasses.

The birthday child will rock a mini disco ball!

Add to your event for just $35!

Light up your whole playtime and get more party favors --
Add GLOW & DISCO for $60!

Silver Spring Inflatable 1

Double Drop Challenge

Test your agility up, under and through the obstacles!

Test your strength up the ladder to the slide!

On your way down, watch out for the double dip!

Castle Bouncer

Our all-in-one fun house!

In the Castle Combo you will jump,
shoot basketball, navigate obstacles,
climb, and slide to the finish!

How fast can you go?

Triple Threat - Inflatable

Choose your challenge in this ultimate one-stop fun zone!

Our Triple Threat is...

A bouncy basketball court! 

A super-fun soccer field! 

Or a jumptastic jousting arena!

Motion Mania - A game you play with your feet!

Your little ones will love how the Motion Mania screen responds to the touch of their hands and feet!

Pop the balloons, score a goal, chase fall leaves - so many fun games!

Silver Spring Inflatable 2

You and a friend can race through our
Go Course!

Two lanes of...
obstacles to power through,
a ladder climb to test your strength,
and a slide to the finish line! 

Double Slide Inflatable

Our 20-foot-tall Double Lane Slide is just the adrenaline rush you're looking for!

Climb to the top for an exhilirating experience!

And with 2 lanes...
Find out who can brave the top speeds
and make it to the finish first!

Canyon Crossing

Exercise your hopping muscles as you leap frog from one ball to the next to Cross the Canyon!

Junior Rides

Have a little one that isn't jumping? No worries! We make sure there are fun things for them to do as well!

Imagination Blocks

Turn these blocks into a tower, a fort, a car or whatever you can imagine and engineer!

Research shows that building with blocks is more than just "playing".  It facilitates childrens' cognitive development and social growth. (Imagination Playground)

Feeling competitive?
First one to seven goals wins!

 Fun for all ages and sizes!

$1 per game. Purchase tokens at front counter.
Cyclone Blast

Whoosh!  Brave the blast!

With speeds over 70 miles an hour, you will feel like you are in a tropical storm.

Go on...jump inside...
Bring some friends to hold onto...
You will be blown away!

$2 per turn
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