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Birthday Parties

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Party Experiences


Go Glow!

Turn down the lights and turn up the fun.

Pump Up your party with this amazing glow in the dark lighting. It makes any party one of a kind and leaves a lasting impression on the birthday boy or girl and your guests!

See a Glow Party in action!

What's better than a giant inflatable arena? A glow-in-the-dark giant inflatable arena! Our amazing special effects lighting literally makes the arena glow. Each child will receive a glow-in-the-dark necklace, and your birthday child receives a special light-up baton!

Price: $35.00 per Party
Add characters to your birthday party

Character Appearances

What better way to add excitement to your child's party than to have a cool character show up?

Call us to find out what special characters we offer!

Includes a 30 minute visit -- 20 minutes in our second Play Arena, and 10 minutes in the Party Room to add special fun to your child's entrance and birthday song!

Price: $50.00 per Party
balloon drops

Balloon Drop

Check out our balloon drop in action!

Make your child's party the coolest ever with a downpour of colorful balloons and fun balloon games! While the kids get an unexpected thrill, you get one of the best birthday photo ops ever! (This is an in-arena experience only. To add balloons as a party favor, scroll down to Balloons below.)

Price: $15.00 per Party
Add bubbles to your birthday party


Add bubbles to any party!

Watch how our bubble machines fill the room with fun!

Magical fun for your little ones! Our Bubbles experience adds that extra "pop" to your party, adding to the fun, and making for an even more memorable experience. Includes 2 6-minute showers of Bubbly Blasts in our 2nd Play Arena.

Price: $12.50 per Party
Superhero Training Camp

Superhero Training Camp

Be a Hero, Assemble the Ultimate Birthday Party!

Let us celebrate your child as the Hero of Honor on their special day! Our Superhero trainers lead the kids in hair-raising challenges, demonstrating the true Hero attributes they have inside!

At training completion, each Superhero gets their very own mask to protect their secret identity.

The Hero of Honor takes a seat on the throne, and dons their Superhero cape and mask! Their friends are masked too! An adventurous celebration indeed!

Price: $35.00 per Party

Party On! Goodie Bag

Party On! Goodie Bag Includes: Inflatable Ball, Claw Grabber, Flipper/Barrel Game, and Water Game. Contents may vary.

Price: $4.00 each

Fun Activities

Disco Jam Experience $35.00
Piñata $35.00
Piñata (premium character) $45.00
Unlimited Air Hockey $10.00
Birthday party photos


Making party pics easy peasy! Your staff will take photos throughout your playtime for viewing in the Party Room. A download is available for purchase after the party!

Price: $20.00 each


Individual Balloon $1.00
Bouquet of 10 $10.00
Bouquet of 15 $15.00
Bouquet of 25 $25.00

Welcome to kids favorite birthday party place in Silver Spring!

Super-size the fun

Awesome kids birthday parties are guaranteed with our giant inflatable indoor playgrounds, tons of games, a blow-up birthday throne, and more.

In a private space

Your group always gets your own bounce house arenas and private party room at Pump It Up.

With super star status

Kids are treated to all their favorite foods, drinks and party favors, thanks to our customized party packages.

Simple, fast, fun

The whole celebration's a breeze - reservations, party time and even clean up - thanks to our party pros.
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