Santa Clara, CA
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Explore Our Fun Zone & Bounce Houses!

Double Lane Slide - Inflatable

Sliding galore! An All time favorite.

Coliseum Inflatable

Joust in our flating coliseum center pod. You will be challenging your balancing and jousting skills.

Fun for kids and adults!

Inflatable Triple Threat

Take our Triple Threat Challenge, where you can:

- play dodge ball

- play basketball

- play soccer

- joust

Imagination Zone

Play games in groups with our talking Dinosaurs!

Imagination Blocks

Time to build your structures with these large size foam pieces!

Canyon Crossing

Challenge yourself trying to cross the Chasm by jumping on these 3 balls! One of the favorite games.

Inflatable Vertical Rush

Climb a mountain and then slide down a fast slide!

Rides and Attractions at Pump It Up

Pump It Up of Santa Clara is the only Pump It Up in the country featuring 3 play arenas for an ever renewing level of energy and challenges!

Every arena is different with a total of 12 different game structures.

Note: Monday through Thursday we use 2 of the 3 arenas while all 3 arenas are used for Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Holiday parties.

Cyclone Blast

Come experience what a hurrican feels like!

$2.00 per ride, or 5 rides for $7.50.

Pump It Up Party Room

Have a well deserved rest after playing for drinks and food while enjoying your party pictures in our large TV.


We feature glow in the dark ligts in the party room as well!

party room

Wekk deserved time to be the Queen and King for the day!

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