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We’ve Got The Birthday Party Food Covered Too!

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Add food to your party!

Party Trays

Sandwich $40.00
Vegetable $25.00
Tossed Salads - Starting at $22.00
Fruit $30.00
Appetizers - Starting at $14.00
Pasta - Starting at $26.00
Many more options - Print menu below $0.00
Add food to your party!


Kirkland Juice Boxes $1.00
Organic Juice Box $1.20
Soda Pitcher $4.00
Add food to your party!

Coldstone Creamery Cakes

Call 408-739-4420 for free delivery $0.00
Add food to your party!


Pizza Large 1 topping $20.00
Pizza Large 2-3 toppings $23.00
Pizza Large Specialty $25.00

Super-size the fun

You know what's kind of a big deal? You and your birthday! Book yours at our giant inflatable party place with indoor playgrounds, loads of games, an inflatable birthday throne and more.

In a private space

Keeping your group together is a big deal, too, so we always set you up in your very own bounce house arenas, along with a private party room.

With super star status

Go ahead and customize your package. Kids will love having their favorite foods, beverages and party favors.

Simple, fast, fun

Quick and easy planning are just as important. Our party pros will help you from easy reservations right through to clean up, and everything in between.
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