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Birthday Parties

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Pepperoni Pizza

Pizza [Papa John's]

Large 1 Topping Pizza $14.49
Large 2 Topping Pizza $15.99
Large 3 Topping or Specialty Pizza $17.99
Kids Pizza Pack (5 Single Topping Pizzas) $69.99
Adult Pizza Pack (5 Specialty Pizzas) $79.99
Veggie Tray

Party Trays

Vegetable Relish Tray (Large): Serves 15-20 $39.99
Silver Dollar Sandwich Tray: Serves 15-20 $39.99
Fruit Tray (Large): Serves 20-25 $49.99
Chicken Strips

Wings & Crispy Tenders [Bush's]

20 Tenders, Gravy & 10 Rolls $34.99
25 Tenders, 15 Wings, Gravy & 20 Rolls $49.99


2 Liter Coke Products $2.99
2 Liter Lemonade or Fruit Punch $2.99
Ice Cream

Ice Cream

Ice Cream Cups $0.80

Welcome to kids favorite birthday party place in San Antonio NE!

Super-size the fun

Awesome kids birthday parties are guaranteed with our giant inflatable indoor playgrounds, tons of games, a blow-up birthday throne, and more.

In a private space

Your group always gets your own bounce house arenas and private party room at Pump It Up.

With super star status

Kids are treated to all their favorite foods, drinks and party favors, thanks to our customized party packages.

Simple, fast, fun

The whole celebration's a breeze - reservations, party time and even clean up - thanks to our party pros.
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