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Party Experiences

Make your birthday party glow!

Go Glow!

Turn down the lights and turn up the fun.

Pump Up your party with this amazing glow in the dark lighting. It makes any party one of a kind and leaves a lasting impression on the birthday boy or girl and your guests!

Book your kids birthday party today and add the Glow feature. Glow lighting will be in the second play area, Arena B.

Price: $30.00 per Party
Motion Mania

Motion Mania

Very cool technology that turns the floor into a state of the art interactive game kids play using their feet! Motion Mania engages the kids' in non stop fun. The game includes a customized playlist of a wide variety of games including, Balloons, Super Soccer, Ball Pit, Piano and Disco Floor.

Motion Mania party add on is available in Arena A.

Price: $20.00 per Party
Add bubbles to your birthday party


Add bubbles to any party!

Only $20.00 for 10 minute's of bubble fun in Arena B.

Price: $20.00 per Party
Let the games begin with a Glow Wars birthday party

Glow Wars

Let the games begin!

Gun battling inside Arena B with special effects glow lighting. A great party addition for tweens! This experience includes glow lighting, glow necklaces, the use of 15 Glow Ball Guns that are a blast. The kids and parents are easy targets and the soft pong balls glow in the dark as they soar through the air....

Price: $50.00 per Party
Add a Mini Goodie Bag to your birthday party

Mini Goodie Bag

A Old Maid Card Game, Mini Grabber, Disc Launcher and Rubber Popper. Different colors, different versions, more fun!

Price: $3.00
Lets keep partying

Let's Keep Partying Goodie Bag

Bring home one of our goodie bags to keep the party going! Includes: Thunderstick, harmonica, pull back racer and a puzzle ball.

Price: $4.25

Fun Party Items

Candles $2.00
Slap Bracelet $1.00
Glow Necklace $1.00
Socks $2.00
Birthday party photos


After viewing, if you decide to buy the party pics, you'll get an access code & the website address to download. Photo's must be downloaded within 90 days from the date.

Price: $15.00 each


Balloon Bouquet: 10 $10.00
Balloon Bouquet: 15 $15.00
Balloon Bouquet: 25 $25.00
Helium for Latex $1.00
Helium for Mylar $2.00
Helium for Large Mylar $3.00
Helium for X-Large Mylar $5.00

Welcome to kids favorite birthday party place in San Antonio NE!

Super-size the fun

Awesome kids birthday parties are guaranteed with our giant inflatable indoor playgrounds, tons of games, a blow-up birthday throne, and more.

In a private space

Your group always gets your own bounce house arenas and private party room at Pump It Up.

With super star status

Kids are treated to all their favorite foods, drinks and party favors, thanks to our customized party packages.

Simple, fast, fun

The whole celebration's a breeze - reservations, party time and even clean up - thanks to our party pros.
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