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Group Events

Scout or Troop Parties

Earn a patch with a kids inflatable party for a group event at Pump It Up

Scout Parties

Did your scout or troop have an outstanding year in 2018?!!?!

Celebrate them with a party at Pump It Up of Newport

Scout Parties include 35 minutes in each of the 2 separate arenas, 50 minutes for awards and presentations in our party room, pizza and beverages, paper products, party set-up and clean-up. Scouts will enjoy their party all in a private, safe, clean, climate controlled environment.

A non-Refundable deposit of $100 is required

  • Monday- Friday
  • $13.95 per child | 15 child minimum |
  • Call for more details
  • Printable Waiver

Fundraising at Pump It Up

Parents know Pump It Up is something fun to do with the kids.

Fundraisers at Pump It Up

Thank you for your interest in having your fundraiser at Pump It Up. We can help your organization raise money while your guests jump for joy on our super-sized inflatables.

A Pump It Up Fundraiser involves the entire family. Everyone is able to jump, slide, and laugh on the inflatables at Pump It Up. A Pump It Up fundraiser is a private 2-hour event. ($200 minimum )

Setting up a Pump It Up fundraiser is simple.
Select a date and time. [3:30 pm, 5:00 pm, or 6:30 pm]

Advertise your event so that it is well attended.

Prices start at $10.00 per child

All fundraisers are a 50/50 split

  • Monday - Friday
  • Planning and help provided
  • Contact us to learn more
  • Printable Waiver

Field Trip

Our open jumps are great activities for kids

Field Trip

Kids will love bouncing and playing in their own private, secure arenas. Your group will have a completely private field trip, so the kids are safe and secure; and can order lunch for all attendees, making it completely hassle-free.

A non-Refundable deposit of $100 is required

  • Monday - Friday
  • $3.50 per child meal deal
  • Field Trip Pricing 120 minutes, $ 10 per child- $200 minimum
  • Printable Waiver

Put a little extra bounce in your step!

Boundless Fun

We’ve got huge inflatable playgrounds, endless games and even a blow-up birthday throne!

100% Private

It’s just you and your invited guests in our enormous bouncy house arenas and party rooms!

Completely Customized

You can tailor every detail of the party experience to make it as special as the birthday kid!

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