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Kids Birthday Party Place in Jacksonville

We've Got The Birthday Party Food Covered Too!

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Party food

To bring your own food.Outside food fee

$100 for Classic Package
$50 for Deluxe Package
$50 for Ultimate Package

Pepperoni Pizza


Pizza is delivered for your party. In order to have it arrive on time for your party, any additional pizza orders after Party Confirmation, must be made the MORNING OF your scheduled party.

Large Pizza (1 Topping - 12 Slices) $14.00
Large Pizza (up to 3 Topping - 12 Slices) $17.00


Adult Drinks / 2 Liter Coke products $2.95
Gallon of water $1.95
Unlimited Drinks (Capri Sun) per Child $1.50
Fruit Trays

Fruits, Veggies, & Snacks

Seasonal Fruit Tray $32.00
Veggie Tray $25.00
Yoplait Gogurt (10) $5.00
Chip Mix (10 bags) $10.00
Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings

Choose between bone-in or boneless.

Wings (8 Qty) $12.00
Wings (14 Qty) $20.00
Wings (40 Qty) $50.00

Sub Platters

Made to order and fully customizable!

Platter for 10 $35.00
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