The very first birthday for a kid is probably the toughest to plan a party for. They can’t really communicate and you can’t really remember what it was you wanted as a one year old. That doesn’t mean you can’t make it special. In fact, there are plenty of great ways to make it memorable for your child, your guests and even yourself. Here are five simple tips on how to make sure your child’s first birthday party is a successful one.

A Smash Cake

The best part of any kids 1st birthday party is watching the young guest of honor enjoying their cake. And by “enjoying their cake” we mean smearing it all over their hands, face, the table and anything else that is within arms reach. With that in mind, rather than giving them a slice of a larger cake that all the guests will partake in, why not give them their own smaller version to have fun with?

Smash cakes have become all the rage for moms wanting to do just that. The best part? They can fit any theme you want. Most local bakeries now offer them but if you’re feeling adventurous, here are some great tips on how to make your own homemade version as well.

Photography is Key

While your kid might not fully remember their 1st birthday party, you’ll definitely want a way to share with them just how much fun they had. Plus, you’ll want a way to remember and share just how cute your little one was on their big day. In a world where it’s easy to share our memories digitally, it’s important to get the right photography. Whether it’s a friend with the family camera, your significant other with the iPhone or hiring a professional photographer, you’ll want to have all angles of the day covered so you have the perfect keepsake from an important day!

A Second Set of Eyes and Hands

If you’re playing party host or hostess it’s going to become incredibly difficult to deal with the guests needs, serve food and mingle as well as take care of your special birthday child. Asking for help is key. Have a grandparent, significant other, trusted babysitter or friend help with one of the two roles — we suggest have them run the party so you can focus on your little one — that way you can make sure everyone’s needs are taken care of.


Babies love balloons. Balloons are great for kids birthday parties. It’s a perfect marriage. Just make sure that you get the right kind of balloons. Avoid the typical latex balloons as they pop easily and the pieces become extreme choking hazards for your tiny guests. There are plenty of foil options available that are more visually appealing to young children and also eliminate the potential hazard.

Take it Easy

Don’t plan a four hour soirée with multiple course meal or a shindig with hundreds of guests either. Keep things simple and short. Babies get tired and bored easily. Don’t over plan in an effort to make things “perfect” for your little one. They’ll have a good time if you do and if you’re relaxed. Really, for them they’ll want to make a mess of the cake and move around with the other kids. Don’t make things so complex that you can’t enjoy the day because if you don’t, they won’t.

What You Need to Make a Great Kids 1st Birthday Party

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