You don’t have to be a Norse god in real life to be a hero. Actor Chris Hemsworth proved that over the weekend as he traded in his hammer, cape and flowing locks for a bowl, whisk and t-shirt.

The actor who portrays Thor on the big screen played a much more realistic superhero to his soon to be 4-year-old daughter India as he helped avert what surely would have been a major crisis in the young girl’s world. It wasn’t aliens attacking or artificial intelligence threatening the planet. No, Hemsworth had to battle an uncooperative bakery and his own kitchen.

According to the actors Instagram feed, a local bakery told him that they wouldn’t have time to bake a cake for his daughter’s birthday party. So what did he do? He baked a t-rex cake himself.

We’ll give him major points for effort but let’s just say he’s lucky he’s an actor and not a special effects guy by trade. Regardless of how the birthday cake looked, the action was more than sweet and showed that even celebrities understand how valuable and impactful a birthday is in a child’s life. We’re betting little India won’t be forgetting this special day anytime soon.

The moment even moved Helmsworth’s wife, Spanish model and actress Elsa Pataky. She also turned to Instagram to share a photo of the actor in the kitchen getting ready for his kid’s birthday party and a message.

“Papa working hard on India’s birthday cake! Happy birthday, India, love you more than anything!”

The only question left is this. What kind of bakery is gutsy enough to tell Thor no to his face?

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