As we say goodbye to 2016 and usher in the new year, we also say hello to some new trends in kids birthday gifts that 2017 will bring. With each passing year, old fads die and new ones are born. Gaps between the latest generations are becoming more prominent.

But we know what the kids want, even with the new year and the new trends rolling in. We also know the list of the best birthday gifts of 2017 found below won’t disappoint.

Top 5 Best Birthday Gifts of 2017:


Minecraft, Star Wars, and Disney Princesses, oh my! The LEGO Company has something for everyone these days. Pick your theme, girl or boy, and watch their imagination soar.

They even make movies and have edible candy bricks that bring LEGOs into the forefront of your toy buying possibilities. But for the LEGO lover that seems to have all things LEGO already, try a PLEYGO Subscription.

PLEYGO is a new service that’s kind of like the Netflix of LEGO. One set of LEGOs is mailed to your child. He plays with it until he is done, then mails the set back and a different one is sent to him.

You can even try it for free with their trial offer.

Star Wars

Just like LEGOs, Star Wars has something for everyone, too. From sheet sets, to stuffed “animals,” to origami, you can find anything with Star Wars printed on it these days.

But something that stands out above the rest that your child will be sure to love is the Star Wars Death Star Planetarium. A night light and jaw-dropping wonder machine, this tabletop Death-Star-turned-planetary-projector allows children to choose from Earth’s own constellations or the planets that make up the infamous Star Wars galaxy.

And no, it doesn’t cost a fortune.


No, we aren’t talking those expensive Beats by Dre headphones that would cost a fortune and most likely be broken in a matter of days. Although, your kids would love those, too, as long as their heads were big enough to fit the ear phone adjustments.

We are talking about the highly recommended Griffin Technology Crayola MyPhones. For a minimal investment, your child gets to experience a sound that has been described as “one of the better-sounding headphones” in its class.

Kids as young as two years old will feel the superior comfort of the earpads that tilt for a better fit. Kids can even use the heavy supply of included stickers and markers all over the surface of the earphones to customize the look to their preferences. Your kids will likely outgrow the appearance of the headphones before outgrowing the headphones themselves.

And for parent’s peace of mind, these headphones protect young ears from damaging noise levels.


Crayons (on Steroids)

So, your kid loves art. They love to color, paint, and draw, but you’ve already invested in all the latest art sets. What more could they want? What more could a crayon provide?

Try the International Arrivals Rainy Dayz Gel Crayons. This birthday gift will turn your windows and mirrors into blank canvases your children can use to let their imaginations run wild. No more confinement to paper and coloring in between the lines, unless they want to.

Your child can draw with these vibrant, bold gel crayons that work great both on glass or paper surfaces. And, as a bonus, a wet paintbrush can create amazing watercolor effects with these crayons, too!

As for easy clean up, well, that’s a given.


With Nerf guns, you can never go wrong. Girls or boys, it doesn’t matter, any kid can find the Nerf gun that fits his or her style and allows for hours of fun and sleep like a baby at night.

So what is the right Nerf gun? Overall, the Nerf Demolisher “demolishes” its competition. It’s a semi-automatic assault rifle with a 10-dart clip and a bonus underbarrel grenade launcher.

Four AA batteries are required to drive a pair of flywheels which spit out a dart each time you pull the trigger. This Nerf gun shoots further and more accurately than any other flywheel blaster in its class. It’s also one of the best built flywheel blasters, with smooth triggers and a grip even adults rave about.

You may want to buy one for yourself so you can enjoy it just as much as your kid does.

You Can’t Go Wrong

With these five birthday gift suggestions above you’re bound to find something perfect, something that stands out, something they will want above all other things. Even in 2017.

Now, the hardest part will be choosing between them. Who are we kidding? With those prices, you can afford them all!

You were thinking it, we just said it out loud.

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