We think every kid should have some form of birthday cake or sweet treat for their big day. It’s not exactly an earth shattering opinion nor is it the kind of stance that could win someone a political campaign but it’s an important one. It’s one that is globally accepted too. Just ask a group of ladies in England who are taking it to heart.

While searching the internet for the best kids’ birthday and kids’ birthday party stories from around the world, we came across Free Cakes for Kids Scarborough, a new organization formed by avid bakers in the English town with one simple goal, making sure no child goes without a cake for their birthday or birthday party. The completely volunteer group donates their time and efforts to making the most important day in a child’s year special when it otherwise may not have been.

“As a child my mum and dad always made me a birthday cake and I don’t like the idea that a child will not have a birthday cake,” The organizer of the group, Felicity Day, told the Scarbourgh News. “It’s a good opportunity to bake and hopefully make a child’s birthday a bit happier.”

We researched and found out that the organization isn’t simply limited to Scarborough, it’s a country wide volunteer network with more than 60 groups throughout England and is open to anyone with a big enough kitchen and heart to bake a cake for a child in need.

So what brought such a large group together and why show such great compassion for little ones in the UK? The group’s website FreeCakesForKids.org describes it best.

So what is Free Cakes for Kids all about? A simple answer would be this: a caring community. As volunteers with a passion for baking, we care for families who find it difficult to provide a birthday cake for their child. Baking in our own homes and kitchens, we believe that every child deserves a birthday cake. Using our skills as bakers, neighbors and good citizens, we battle hardship, build relations, encourage volunteering and create memories that last longer than a day.

They believe so much in their mission that they haven’t just made cakes for kids but kids at heart too. One baker even make a themed cake for a man turning 80 years old who grew up in an orphanage and didn’t have family to celebrate with him on his milestone birthday.

It’s yet another reminder of the importance of a child’s birthday and how making it special can have a lasting impact long after the cards have been thrown away and they’ve outgrown the gifts. The celebration, the memories and the kindness of others are what will stay with someone well into adulthood.

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