Let the kids get crafty and create their own fun and funky birthday invitations to pass out to their friends. From themed handouts to colorful creations, these ideas will let your children tap into their creative niche and set the tone for a fun party to come. Here are a few easy ideas to help add fun to a sure-to-be awesome kids party.

Carnival Party

Expecting carnival barkers, ring toss booths, clowns, and zany prizes? Then set the tone with a fun carnival party invite. Made with striped wrapping paper, a bit of construction paper, clothespins, and handmade tickets, these cards are sure to promise a fun party the kids will remember. Add customized designs like clown shapes or even attach small bags of popcorn or peanuts for a pre-party snack.

Bag It Up

Wrapping party invitations make for a very unique way to help people remember your party.


Planning a scavenger hunt party? Why not mail your invites in brown paper bags and have the kids use them for the party? Include info on the party as well as clues to the scavenger hunt, and have the kids bring the bags to gather their loot. Toss in riddle to clues as well as cheap magnifying glasses and you’ll have a whole group of young Sherlock Holmes’ show up ready to search out prizes.


Whether you’re throwing a baseball-themed bash, a Peter Pan party or a wild west soiree, you can make an easy-to-craft hat for all occasions. You can cutout easy shapes for whatever theme you’re going for—tiaras, superhero masks, cowboys and cowgirls—and poke a couple small holes to attach a rubber band and you’re all set! Have the kids wear the hats to the party and watch the fun unfold.

Light It Up


It’s always fun to let the kids craft a bit, especially when the end result is an invite to a great party with friends. Instead of just sending out plain old paper invites, have your children’s friends piece together their own invite like paper lanterns. Just package together instructions so piece together this awesome kit and have the turn them in for gifts for doing a great job. Items include plain cards, embroidery floss, ribbon, glue sticks, and extra paper to make tassels, and voila! A fun and interactive twist on getting the gang together for one awesome party.

Looking for some more invite or goodie bag ideas? Try Pump It Up, a favorite for kids everywhere. Pump It Up offers great invitations and a great selection of party favors and goodie bags to make the party fun for the kids and easy for the parents!

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