Is your child a foodie that loves anything to do with a good meal? Why not create a birthday party themed around that very thing! As a busy parent, it can be stressful trying to think of the perfect theme for your child’s upcoming party, but a food-themed birthday party is fun, relatively easy, and of course…delicious! Here are some of our favorite food-inspired party ideas.

Go Nuts for Donuts!

Although most of us think of cake when we think of a birthday treat, there are plenty of other sweets that can make for a fun and yummy party, like donuts! You can have a donut themed birthday party from top to bottom, starting with the invites. There are various options for invitations that have donuts on them or even shaped like one, that can be found online or possibly in your local party store. For decorations, you can create a donut wall, blow up donut balloons, and have tablecloths to match.

For food, you can still stick to the theme without only serving the sweet pastry. Try thinking of your kid’s favorite food and see if there’s a way to shape it as a donut. If that’s too difficult, go with other round food to match the shape, such as pizza, meatballs or sushi. As for dessert, you can make small donut towers to place around the party venue or one giant donut “cake” that makes for a great centerpiece.


Ice Cream Social

Another great idea for a birthday boy or girl with a sweet tooth is an ice cream themed birthday party. This theme allows for a lot of DIY for your guests and allows for a fun activity- ice cream sundae table! Go ahead and place all types of toppings and ice cream flavors on one table and have everyone concoct their own creation. For more substantial food, incorporate the theme by placing food in ice cream parlor shaped dishes or ice cream cones.

You can go retro for this decor and place “old-school” parlor signs out front and make up fun sundae menus with all the toppings and flavors available. You can also create a fun and easy backdrop for photos, with some poster board cut in the shape of an ice cream cone and some balloons.

Carnival themed kid's birthday party at pump it up

Trip to the Carnival

The carnival has great rides and games but I think we all know the best part of the carnival is…the food! This theme is great if you want to provide lots of options for an affordable price. Corn dogs, popcorn, cotton candy and pretzels can be bought in large quantities for low prices and are carnival themed birthday party staples. Feeling adventurous? You can go all out for this party and try making some deep-fried carnival classics like deep-fried Oreos or funnel cakes.

This theme also has plenty of options when it comes to decorations. White and red banners throughout the venue or your home will add to the theme and provide easy set-up and clean-up. Some other fun items that you can make yourself or buy are: classic popcorn boxes, tent-shaped centerpieces, colorful signs, etc. And of course, don’t forget to include some classic games like ring toss and duck pond.

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Candy Crazy

A candy-themed birthday party is another idea that is great for DIY parents on a budget. You can find all types of candy from chocolates, lollipops to gumballs in large batches for relatively low prices at your local candy or party store. These places provide various options in several colors so you can pick your favorite. Plus the food can also be the decor! Buy some clear mason jars and fill them up with all the different sweets to create cute table pieces or a “candy bar”.

Another fun way to include your theme throughout the party space is by creating life-size candy. All you need is some balloons and saran wrap to amaze your guests with large candy lookalikes. Gumball machines or pool noodle candy canes can also be made to make your party a real-life candy land. Want more ideas? Check this site out for invites, decor, and more all inspired by candy.

fast food themed party at pump it up with kids sitting at table eating pizza

Fast Food

Everyone loves a home-cooked meal, but sometimes nothing beats a burger and fries from your favorite fast-food restaurant. If your kiddo loves these quick and easy meals, a fast food-themed birthday party is perfect for your family. This theme can be done by either picking common fast food items like burgers, fries, tacos, etc. or by choosing your birthday boy/girl’s favorite fast-food restaurant. If you choose to go the restaurant route, just make sure to check that they provide catering options.

For the decor, this theme is another one that lends itself to DIY projects. You can create hot dog and burger signs out of poster boards or make your own fast food restaurant logo to place on the buffet table. If you are looking for more store-bought ideas, try finding food-shaped balloons or even ordering a cake that looks like a burger! That dessert will for sure be a great photo op and centerpiece.

From sweet to savory, your food-themed birthday party will be a hit with your family and friends. For more inspiration and birthday ideas, visit

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