Year after year, you’re tasked with creating the ultimate birthday bash for your birthday girl or boy. We know how difficult it can be having to prepare everything from thinking of different themes, planning the guest list, finding a venue, buying decorations, and more. But maybe this year you want to try something different and go for a more DIY approach. These tips and tricks will help you brainstorm plenty of DIY birthday party decoration ideas that you can take and make your own. You don’t need the fanciest venue or the biggest budget to have the best birthday ever! Check out what you can do when you get creative.

Picture Perfect Backdrop

Nowadays everyone wants that picture-perfect moment. The best way to help your guests capture that moment is to have an Instagram-worthy backdrop! Backdrops can be made from tons of different decor but a popular option is birthday balloons. You can use various sizes of balloons that fit your color scheme to create a great backdrop for photos and fill the room with birthday pizazz. Adding streamers in the middle or overhead can add to the look. Another way to use balloons is by creating a beautiful balloon arch. These aren’t as simple as your other DIY projects but guests will love it and it adds a touch of elegance to any room.

Not loving the balloon ideas, try creating garland out of different materials. Tassels can easily be tied to a string to create colorful garland. Paper fans are another great option for hanging vibrant colors around the room. Does your kiddo love sweet treats? Get creative and make a garland out of ice cream cones and cupcake liners! Maybe a paper chain creation fits your party better. This backdrop can be made just out of your birthday kid’s favorite colored paper. Check out the paper chain design here. There are so many DIY backdrops for parties to choose from.

Easy Centerpieces

DIY centerpieces are some of the most fun decorations to make for your child’s birthday party and can be made to fit all kinds of party themes. This is because you can really personalize them and they often can be made for a very low cost. If you want something already made but for a low price, flowers are a nice traditional centerpiece option. Keep in mind you can use fake or real flowers but real ones will cost you extra. Paper lanterns are another centerpiece that you can buy at your local craft store already made or you can make them yourself if you have time. Lastly, one of the best DIY products is a mason jar. You can buy different sized mason jars to fill with candy, candles, or confetti and have several cute pieces to put around the room.

Cake Decorations

Everyone loves a good birthday cake, but it can also be hard to make and decorate the cake on your own. Once you find a recipe to follow, you can then start thinking about the cake decorations. One thing you should consider is DIY cake toppers. You can make these out of printed photos of your birthday king/queen’s favorite memories and place those photos on clothespins to set on top. You can also create your own candle topper! Check out this site to see how to make a candle topper to match any party theme.

Besides the top of the cake, you have to worry about the bottom! What’s the cake going to stand on? There are plenty of glass or plastic cake stands at your local bakery or craft store that you can paint your child’s favorite color or even spray paint with glitter. If you don’t have time to worry about creating your own decorations, try adding some personal touches to store-bought candles. You can add rhinestones to any candle quickly and they will steal the show. See this blog for more cake decorating tips.

Elevate Balloons

Like we mentioned before, there are lots of party decorations but balloons are always a classic, affordable and fun option. But why not take those ordinary balloons and elevate them? You can buy white balloons and fill them with confetti to have tons of colors floating around. Take some streamers and use them in place of plain string for a fun twist. Are you looking for an activity to do while guests are at the party? Have the kids paint their own balloons and supply tissue paper for them to decorate them with. Maybe your birthday kid wants to shine bright and create glitter balloons. These are definitely a messier DIY party decoration but are worth it. All you need is some classroom glue and different colored glitter. You can create designs using the glue as a type of paint or cover a large part of the balloon with the glue and dip it down into the glitter.

All of these DIY birthday party decoration ideas vary in amount of effort, time, and budget, making it easy for you to choose what fits your venue and party theme best. For more awesome birthday ideas check out

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