Spooky season has officially arrived and we bet your home is ready for some Halloween family fun! As we all still work to stay healthy and safe this fall, Pump It Up is giving you some ideas for some tricks and treats right at home. Here are some ideas for throwing the ultimate at-home Halloween party.

Your Own Haunted House

Halloween decorations can make or break your party. Cobwebs, dry ice, and creepy crawlers are all traditional party decorations, but not all parties need to have a spooky theme. There are plenty of different store-bought or homemade decor options to choose from when setting the scene of your party. If your children are younger, it may be better to skip the scary and go for a more upbeat atmosphere filled with candy and cheery pumpkins. But if your family likes a good fright, you may go all out with zombies, skeletons, and ghosts…oh my!

mom and daughter decorate for halloween putting up lights

Invite Friends (Virtually!)

During times when you are used to celebrating with others, it’s important to still connect while staying safe. An easy way to do this is by having your kiddos invite some friends to join a Zoom party. This way they can show off their costumes to their pals and maybe even throw a Monster Mash dance party!

Making Your Own Costume

From TV characters to animals to even food items, kids’ Halloween costume ideas come in all shapes and sizes. But costumes can get pretty spendy, so why don’t you make it yourself? You can make so many costumes from things just lying around the home or by purchasing some inexpensive items from the party or fabric store. A homemade costume gets the whole family involved and helps your child express their creativity.

Sweet and Scary Treats

Halloween treats can be the most fun to make but the scariest to eat. There are so many recipes that allow you to make tasty food and arrange it to fit your party theme. White chocolate covered Oreos, with an M&M center and gooey red gel makes for a yummy eyeball. Or maybe you want to bake some ghoul and goblin cookies. And of course, don’t forget about beverages. A refreshing fruit punch in a cauldron is perfect for the kids, while the adults can make a special potion all their own.

Family trick or treating at home

Trick or Treat

If you are looking for a way to trick or treat without having to leave the comfort of your own home, try setting up your own trick or treat stations around the house. Each family member can create their own station with their own theme to get their imagination going. Fill up a bowl of their favorite candy and take turns going around the house to the different stops.

Scavenger Hunt

A fun game that is great for all ages is a scavenger hunt. Make up some clues that lead to different Halloween themed parts around your home or backyard. Finding candy is always exciting, but is even more fun if you have to play a game to get it! Maybe you have a candy-filled pumpkin hidden under the bed or a friendly witch holding a basket of goodies. Wherever you hide the treats, make sure to throw in a few tricks as well.

Local Events

There are plenty of local events to enjoy Halloween weekend, with socially distancing and safety measures in place. Trunk or Treats are a great way to go since the cars full of candy will be outside and there will be more room for you and your family to walk around. Trunk or Treats also usually have some fun Halloween crafts and games for the kids. Some other great events are being held at your local Pump it Up such as the “Not-so-scary Jumps”! Halloween-themed and loads of fun, Pump It Up is ready to help you celebrate in a secure environment. Find your local Pump It Up for event information: Click Here

Halloween 2020 may look a little different this year, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. No matter what type of Halloween celebration you and your family decide on, our team at Pump It Up wish you a safe and happy Halloween this season.

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