We’ve heard of mini cheesecakes for birthdays, croissant birthday cakes and dumpling birthday cakes, but tacos? Sure, Taco Tuesday is a big thing in pop culture right now but for your non-Tuesday birthday cake? That seems like a stretch. Unless you’re a long snapper for the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts apparently.

Matt Overton, the aforementioned long snapper, has made it a tradition the last two years to forego the extra calories and sweetness that comes hand-in-hand with a birthday cake in favor of a more savory caloric intake. A Taco Bell cake complete with candles.

No, we’re not talking about the normal vanilla or chocolate fare covered with fondant and shaped to look like the Mexican cuisine found at the fastfood giant. We’re talking about a tower made with actual items from there.

What started as what we can only imagine as a gag, became a tradition by Overton’s 30th birthday party.

So what happened when 31 rolled around recently? You guessed it, more tacos, crunchwraps and burritos but this time Taco Bell beat Overton to the punch, tweeting him their own special message.

No word on whether or not they actually delivered the treat to the birthday boy but one thing is for sure, these are easily the oddest birthday cakes we’ve ever seen at a party.

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