Birthday cakes aren’t just for kids of the human variety and their birthday parties anymore. At least not at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo.

The zoo, located in Washington D.C., decided to celebrate the 1st birthday of Bei Bei, their young panda, in style. The party consisted of a 150 pound frozen cake made from apple, carrots and beet juice and took two full weeks to make, according to Don’t worry though, unlike most cakes us homo sapiens partake in on our birthdays, this one won’t add to the little panda’s waistline. That’s because it was created by the nutrition department at the zoo so it’s 100% healthy for our furry friend.

That wasn’t all the party consisted of though. People around the world were encouraged to take part in the festivities via Facebook Live.

Bei Bei officially turned one on Monday and apparently his sister Bao Bao also celebrated a birthday this past week as she celebrated her 3rd birthday on Tuesday. The month of August is a family affair when it comes to birthdays as their father Tian Tian turns 19 on August 27 according to the Washington Post.

A panda birthday party with a 150 pound birthday cake? Yeah, we know it’s bearly believable if it weren’t for these great videos. (Sorry we couldn’t resist.)

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