It’s that time of year again! The time of year little Susie thought would never come, so boy is she excited! We just hope for your sake that she doesn’t ask for another pony as a birthday present.

And Timmy? Don’t forget about Timmy. He is looking forward to having all his friends over to play games and eat tons and tons of Tootsie Rolls! (Or whatever candy gives him the biggest sugar rush and has him buzzing around the house for days.)

It’s also that time of year that “parent panic” sets in.

“Oh my gosh! What on Earth are we going to do for her birthday party this year?”

“How in the world are we going to out-do his birthday party last year?”

“It’s coming up so fast. I hope we have enough time to prepare!”

Sound familiar? Well don’t worry, mom and dad. While you’ve been busy doing life, we’ve been doing all the birthday planning for you from great activities for kids to the best themes and we’re sure you and you’re kids are going to like what we’ve cooked up.

The best part? We’ve listed the top trending kids birthday party themes that can work for boy or girl so that you’re 100% covered!

Somewhere Over the Rainbow Birthday Party

That’s right, rainbows are in! From multicolored Funfetti cakes to colorful confetti, this theme has everything you need to make your child’s birthday stand out from the crowd. There are endless colors at your fingertips, making this the simplest, yet, most stunning option on our list. A useful tip: Skittles, sprinkles and even Fruity Pebbles will be your best friend.

Lego My Birthday Presents

Who knew those little plastic characters from your childhood would still be relevant today? They are in a big, big way thanks in part to the Lego Movie.

Legos not only are easy to make into life-size decorations using wrapping paper and cups, those tiny pieces you already have laying around the house can be put to use as a building contest for the kids or even containers for utensils. Throw in a Lego movie, have a Lego piñata, and even make Lego shaped food! Your little Lego-lover will be in Lego heaven!

Welcome to Camp Birthday Party

This is a birthday idea for the warmer months, unless of course you want to get creative in the living room or happen to live in the desert. We’re looking at you Arizona. The great outdoors allow the kiddos to be outside singing songs by the campfire, eating s’mores, and telling ghost stories in their tents. For girly girls, a great take on camping is a new fad called glamping. Glamorous Camping, yes it is quite real. The best thing about camping is its easy to clean up, there is minimal decorating required, and its kid approved. Umm yes please!

Party On, Sesame Street Style

So much color, so many smiling characters, and Elmo is invited too? You can’t go wrong with this tried and true kid favorite. And what’s more, you can even turn this into a learning opportunity, what with all those catchy sing-a-long songs. For those parents who may not have a ton of time to invest in making decorations and setting up, you can find a ton of Sesame Street specific decorations at big name retailers like Party City. You can find games, costumes, and everything else to bring your party to life online, too!

Bake Me a Birthday Cake as Fast as You Can

“I hate baking,” said no child ever. Kids love acting like adults. It’s no wonder the Easy Bake Oven is still around. Use that to your advantage. Have the kids become bakers for the day. Take it a step further and have them cook their own dinner, too! What’s that? You don’t have to make dinner or dessert and the kids won’t even care? That’s right, mom and dad. (Just make sure to have something on hand for when their creations become inedible.)

Now with all these options the only thing you’re going to be saying is, “Choosing just one is going to be so hard!”

You’re welcome, my friends. Party on!

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