If you’re anything like us, your little girl has been your whole world since the day you found out you were having her. But after five other birthday parties how do you figure out a way to make her sixth birthday party spectacular?

It’s all about the theme.

Sure, her tastes are changing as she turns six. (If you think this is bad, just wait until she’s a teenager.) No longer can you set her in front of the TV or tablet with Dora the Explorer or Elmo on and keep her interested for hours. Don’t worry though, deep down you still know the things she likes. That’ll come in handy as you come up with ideas for her big sixth birthday party too because the best themes are based on what’s her favorite.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: That doesn’t mean you should throw a mommy or daddy themed party no matter how much you think you’re her favorite thing.)

We’ve got your back though. If you’re struggling for ideas we’ve come up with these 5 great themes for a six year old girl’s birthday party.

We’ve Found Dory and She’s at Your Daughter’s Birthday Party

It was one of the biggest movies of the 2016 so it only makes sense that it’d be one of the hottest girls’ birthday party themes too. Get a Finding Dory cake, a great character shirt, some sea themed party games and a goodie bag and you’re good to go!


Hello Kitty, It’s Me Your Old Friend the Birthday Party

Sure, Hello Kitty is an oldie but it’s also a goodie. While some things age and are just viewed as tired, others are viewed as retro or classic. This Kitty is certainly in the classic category. Why not go all out and start with great Hello Kitty invitations and carry the theme all the way through to an amazing cake that fits the theme as well? Your little girl will love it and who knows, maybe you can even break out some of your old Hello Kitty gear to join in the celebration.


LEGO? But My Friends Just Got to the Party.

Your daughter is going to want Emma, Stephanie, Olivia, Mia and Andrea at her party. Don’t worry, those aren’t classmates of hers that you don’t know yet. They’re actually part of the LEGO Friends series that is focused on young girls. That’s right, LEGOs aren’t just for boys anymore (not that they ever really were). There are some amazing custom cakes out there to fit the theme and many fun games as well. One great way to keep the girls busy and also take care of the “goodie bag” gift is having the girls build their own LEGO Friends mini doll that represents them. All it takes is buying various LEGO Friends sets, disassembling them and letting the birthday girl and her friends do the rest.


She’ll Always Be Your Princess

No matter how old your little girl gets she’ll always be your little princess. Her sixth birthday party is the perfect time to make her feel like one with a princess themed party. Get her her own princess costume, make princess party hats for the guests and why not go all out with a princess themed cupcake birthday cake?



Not Just Any Princess

If the general princess theme doesn’t do it for you why not try something new? One of the most popular cartoons of the summer of 2016 was Elena of Avalor. You can win extreme cool points with your daughter for knowing one of her new favorite shows and bringing it to life for her birthday party.

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