Decide Who You’re Inviting

It may seem painfully obvious but in order to decide what the best course of action is for the invitations to your son or daughter’s birthday party you first need to decide who you are inviting. That will help you decide whether you should send digital invitations — we recommend — or more traditional paper invitations.

If you’re inviting your child’s entire class to the birthday party, passing out invitations may be easier than emailing invitations since you likely won’t have every parent’s email address.

Make sure to check with your child’s teacher though. Some schools require you to invite everyone in the class if you’re handing out invitations in the classroom.

It’s important to know approximately how many people you’d like at the party to ensure you buy enough invitations if you decide to go with physical cards or if you have to buy supplies to make your own.


Pick Your Theme

Kids birthday parties are all about themes. From the plates all the way to the goodie bags at the end, parents are involving their child’s favorite characters or sports into the party. From Frozen to Football and everything in between,  a great theme is key to customizing a party.

What sets the tone for the entire party? The invitation. So if you’re going to commit to a theme, you have to do it before you send them out. You should always include the theme as part of the invitation to make the party extra fun.

Don’t Forget the Who, What, When and Where

When you send out an invitation, whether it’s digital or a hard copy, you want to make sure you include the four Ws. If you don’t say who the party is for, what birthday your child is celebrating, when the birthday party is and where you’ll be holding it, your guest will be lost.

It seems simple but some people will actually forget some of the details necessary for the guest to attend. Let’s be honest, you don’t want to be “that” parent.

Also consider including in the invitation what time the party will end, if siblings of attendees are welcome and if you would like parents to stay for the party as well. The more detail you include the less a parent has to guess and the easier it is for their kids to attend.



Don’t forget to include a way to RSVP to the party in the invitation and also a date for them to respond by. Most venues will require you to let them know how many guests will be attending your kid’s birthday party prior to the actual event. Event if you’re having the event at your house, having a list of those who have RSVPed prior to the party helps you get enough food and goodie bags to accommodate all your guests.

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