For 28 years now Shark Week on the Discovery Channel has captured the imagination of kids and adults alike. It’s allowed us to get an up close and personal look at one of the most powerful animals in the sea and gain a new appreciation for them.

If your kids are anything like many of the ones we know, they’re probably obsessed with it. So why not throw them a Shark Week themed kids birthday party?

Here’s 4 tips to add a fun to some deep sea excitement to the party.

Shark Party Hats


Want to catch the attention of all the kids at the birthday party? Why not attach a shark to their head when they walk in? Don’t worry, you won’t get in trouble with their parents. These paper hats barks are much worse than their actual bites.

They’re also easy to make if you have some as our friends at Tips From the Heart Share. All you need is some scrapbook paper, party hats, and googly eyes and a few minutes of your time.


Shark Cupcakes


It’s usually sharks who take a bit out of things but with these cute cupcakes it’s the kids turn to take a bite. These treats are easy to make and perfect for birthday parties as the kids can eat them on the go. Head over to to get all the details.

Shark Paper Lantern


One of the toughest things to get right for a kids birthday party is the decor. You don’t want to go too over the top but you also want to have fun and make it impactful for your birthday boy or girl. This is easily one of the cutest ideas we’ve come across in our internet deep dives — no shark pun intended — of party ideas.

This shark paper lantern is both cute and functional to provide extra lighting in the room you serve your shark cupcakes. The best part? It’s easy to do as this how to guide shows. A blue lantern, some googly eyes, construction paper, glue and a marker and you’re good to go!

The Shark Watermelon


We’ll admit, this is the toughest idea to execute on the list. In fact, you could probably watch more than a few hours of Shark Week trying to get it right but it’s just too cool not to include. A watermelon shark doesn’t take a lot of tools just a melon baller, a knife and more patience than most of us have available on our best day. If you’re feeling brave, our friends at will run you through the steps.

Did you try any of these examples? Tweet or Instagram us your photos using the hashtag #PIUDIY.

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