The best party ideas are often simple and fun, such as indoor party games! Whether your party is at home or a private party at a fun party place, such as Pump It Up, there are so many indoor birthday party activities for kids and toddlers that can be played! The next time you throw a party for your kid, take a look at the best 15 indoor party game ideas that kids will love.

Kids Birthday Games you can Play Anywhere

Many birthday party games can be played anywhere, by anyone.


Keep it Moving

Keep it moving is a fun and simple balloon game that can be played almost anywhere, and all you need for it is one balloon! The object of the game is to not let the balloon touch the floor/ground. All the kids will be hitting the balloon up in the air to try to keep it up. Once the balloon touches the ground, it’s game over and a new game starts!

Tag, You’re It

Tag, You’re It is a great game that can be played anywhere (as long as there is enough space). The object of the game is to not get tagged by whoever is “it.” One person is “it” and is trying to tag someone so that they are no longer “it.” All the kids who are not “it” are running around trying not to get tagged. It’s a great game that keeps kids active and lets out a lot of energy!

Freeze Tag

Freeze Tag is very similar to Tag, You’re It, except once whoever is “it” tags someone, that person is frozen. Again, the object of the game is to not get tagged. If you get tagged and are frozen, someone who is not “it” and is also not frozen has to tag you in order to unfreeze you before they get tagged too! The game ends once everyone is frozen and then a new “it” is chosen for the next round.

Hide and Go Seek Tag

The only thing that’s better than Hide and Go Seek and Tag, You’re It is when they are combined! The game starts off just like regular Hide and Go Seek. The seeker searches for the hiding players. Once the searcher finds someone, that person has to run away to try to not get tagged by the seeker. That person can hide again, or, if they are tagged, they now have to help the seeker find and tag people. Whoever is tagged first will become the seeker in the next round.

Bobbing for Apples

Bobbing for Apples is another fun and easily set up game. For this game all you need is a bucket filled with water and apples. Kids can go up to the bucket, and, without using anything except their mouth, try to grab an apple!

Traditional Party Games for Kids

Some of the most classic kids birthday party games are the most popular.


Simon Says

Another great traditional party game is Simon Says. The object of the game is to do what Simon says and try not to do things that Simon doesn’t say to do. During the game, a parent will be saying things like “Simon says touch your nose.” When Simon says it, the kids will want to do as he says. However, the parent can get tricky and simply say “Touch your ear.” The kids shouldn’t touch their ear, because it wasn’t said by Simon. Whoever touches their ear would then be out of the game.

Musical Chairs

Musical Chairs is a fun and simple traditional party game that only requires chairs and music! Start by setting up enough chairs for all the kids except one. When you play the music, the kids will walk around the chairs in a circle. Once the music stops, the kids will race to have a seat on the chairs. Whoever is last and doesn’t get a seat is out of the game! Each time a round ends, take away one chair. Whoever remains in the game last wins!


What better traditional party game than a piñata? All you need for this game is a piñata, a bat, candy and a blindfold. Fill the piñata with candy before the party, then during the party let kids take turns trying to hit the piñata with the bat while they are blindfolded. Once someone breaks open the piñata, it’s game over and all the kids will be racing to collect candy!

Coin Toss

Coin toss is a very simple and easy game to play! Gather some buckets and some coins. Label the buckets as different points. For example, if you have three buckets, you could label them “10,” “20,” and “30” points. Let the kids toss the coins into the buckets. Each time they get a coin in a bucket, they get the amount of points listed on the bucket. Whoever gets the most points wins!


Limbo is another traditional party game that is simple to play! All you need for this game is a long stick to hold up for kids to walk under. The object of the game is to walk under the stick by bending your back backwards without touching the stick or falling over. If you touch the stick or fall over, you’re out of the game. Each round, whoever is holding the stick will lower it closer and closer to the floor until only one person remains!

Indoor Birthday Party Games to Play at Pump It Up

Pump It Up offers a wide variety of kids indoor party games for your child's party.


Laser Blast

Laser Blast*, also known as Laser Tag, is a fun indoor party game that can be played at our birthday places. Each kid gets a laser gun and a target strap to put on. Once all the kids are ready, lights will be turned off and glow lights will be turned on and the kids will get to tag each other with their laser gun! At Pump It Up, Laser Blast is played in the fun inflatables arena!


What better party game than Tug-of-War! All the kids are divided into two teams and each team grabs onto one side of the rope, then let the tugging begin! Whichever team pulls the other across the line wins! Not only is this a fun game you can bring a rope to play at Pump It Up, but it can be played at any party in any kids party place!

Freeze Dance

At Pump It Up, Freeze Dance is a great game for you to play with the kids in the party room. This is a fun game, which is a lot like musical chairs. Music will be playing and the kids can dance along to it. However, once the music stops, the kids have to become as still as statues. The object of the game is to remain as still as possible once the music stops. Whoever moves, smiles, talks or laughs when the music is off is eliminated from the game. Whoever is the last player standing wins!

Relay Races

Relay Races are a great game to play to encourage team building! Not only that, but they are very fun as well. There are also many different kinds of relay races too. Egg and Spoon Races, Crab Walk, and Three-Legged Race are just some relay races. Each of these races is played in a different way, however, the object of the game is the same: be the first team to cross the finishing line! All you’ll need is to bring a few potato sacks to your Pump It Up party to play!

Glow Wars

Glow Wars* is a fun party game unique to Pump It Up. Glow Wars takes place in a dark room full of glow lights. Each child gets a glow necklace and a blaster to play with! It’s a fun party experience that any parent can include in their child’s birthday party as an add-on.

There are so many fun party activities and games that can be played indoors. No matter which games you decide on for your kid’s birthday, all the kids are sure to have a blast!

To learn more about how you can throw The Best Birthday Parties on the Planet for your child, visit our Birthday Parties Page for details.

*Available at participating locations.

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