Many people think kids are easy to buy for, but when you actually are faced with the task you realize it’s not so easy. And Lottie girls are notorious for being picky and complicated.

So many choices, so much room to go wrong. Right?

Actually, we have a better idea. To make your gift buying process far less complicated, take a look at the list below. It’s our gift to you.

On the Younger Side…

Oh the days of kindergarten bliss. If you’ve ever met a five year old girl, you know she’s sassy, opinionated, and unique. She’s got a mind of her own and she’s not afraid to use it.

The best part? She is always ready for a good time.

Give her something to keep the good times rolling with the ideas below:

1. Giant Coloring Posters

Everyone loves coloring. Even adults. But who can take the simple act of coloring and turn it into a good time every time? Five year old girls, that’s who. Get your little girl a giant coloring poster that she can eventually turn into wall art or even a set of coloring books that will keep her happy any time she needs or wants an indoor activity to do.

2. Tutus

We’ve all seen just how much little girls love to dress up. If this is your little girl, try getting her a tutu for her birthday. Choose her favorite color, add a wand or a tiara, and even some dancing shoes and she will have everything she needs to be her very own entertainment.

3. Fairy Door

You may have seen this new fad that’s taking over children’s rooms everywhere. If your little girl seems to have trouble keeping the nightmares at bay, or even if she wants a special friend to be her roommate, try purchasing a fairy door online and putting it just above the baseboard in her room. There are tons of accessories, like fairy mailboxes and butterfly decorations, to make your fairy feel more comfortable, but the general idea is that this fairy will keep your little one safe at night and make her imagination soar.

4. Modular DIY Dollhouse

With this gift idea, your little girl will get to build her own dollhouse, decorate it, play with it, take it apart, and do it all over again. She can build the dollhouse of her dreams, even if her dreams change daily.

5. Membership to local kid-friendly venues

Zoos, museums, aquariums, you name it. Whatever your child likes to do around town, buy them a membership to their venue of choice so they can do what they love all year long. Even gift cards to these same places would be a treat for her.

On the Older Side…

6. Jewelry Making Kit with Jewelry Box

Every little diva loves a little bling. And what’s better than being able to put her own spin on her bling? Of course, there will need to be a place to keep all her custom, handmade jewelry so don’t forget the jewelry box!

7. Tickets to Disney On Ice

Every girl should experience this magical day where Disney characters come to life and make the snowy season a little warmer. You could also transform this outing into her birthday party by inviting a few of her closest friends. It’ll be a time she will never forget.

8. Flutterbye Fairy

Bring magic into your home with this gift. If your young lady has a fascination with fairies, as most do, this is the toy for her. The fairy charges on its base when not in use. Then, with the push of a button, your little fairy rises up into the air as if she’s flying. Place your hand beneath her mid-air and she will stay afloat and move wherever your hand moves.

9. Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror

This toy works in combination with an app that can be downloaded to transform any iPad or iPad mini device into a digital makeup mirror. The camera on your device will show your little girl’s face and allow her to apply makeup digitally. The app will also track any of her movements, showing her makeup no matter which way she turns. Then, she can take a picture of herself with the app to remember all the unique looks she created.

10. A Good Book

Every child wants to know more about something. And as adults, we know there’s an eBook or hard copy out there for everyone. Whatever her interests are, find a book to match them. She will love learning more.

Gifts and Girls

One of the secrets to buying gifts for young girls is to let the gift compliment the birthday girl. It should be a reflection of or enhancement to who she already is. If she loves girly things, a fancy tutu or the Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror would be great options. If she loves to be intellectually challenged, the giant coloring posters or the books would be a great option.

Lastly, remember that your gift symbolizes love, too. So let her feel the love on her special day and get one of the fantastic gifts listed above. You won’t go wrong.

Looking for other great gift ideas? Head over to our birthday gifts section for more great ideas. 

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