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Chicken Strips

East Coast Wings

We have a variety of chicken options to choose from served hot and fresh as you enter the party room.

Boneless Wings (60), pick flavor, with 16 oz ranch $55.00
Chicken Tenders (40) with 8oz sauce $40.00
Chicken Tenders (60) with 16oz sauce $60.00
Dipping Sauces: Ranch, Honey Mustard, Blue cheese $0.00
Tossing Sauces: Mild, Medium, Hot, Sweet&Sour, Golden Bbq, Kamikaze, Honey bbq, $0.00
Traditional Platter - 20 Tenders/20 Wings, with 8 oz sauce $40.00
Traditional Platter - 30 Tenders/30 Wings, with sauce $61.00
Traditional Wings (40), pick flavor, with 8 oz ranch $40.00
Traditional Wings (60), pick flavor, with 16 oz ranch $56.99
Pepperoni Pizza

Marcos Pizza

Delicious, hot pizza delivered a few minutes before you enter the party room.

Chicken Dippers (100 dippers) $76.00
Chicken Dippers (50 dippers) $38.00
1 - Topping Large Pizza $13.00
2 - Topping Large Pizza $14.00
Large Specialty Pizza $16.00

Lenny's Sandwiches

Freshly made sandwiches & individual bags of chips delivered before you enter party room.

Sandwich Snack Tray with 18 - 2" sandwiches & 15 bags of Chips $49.00
Coca-Cola Products


Coca Cola products, lemonade, juice boxes, bottled water

2 Liter Soda $2.50
Bottle Water $0.75
Capri Suns $0.75

No one does kids birthday parties like Pump It Up of Bartlett!

Super-size the fun

All the bouncing, climbing, jumping good times you can fit into one birthday! We've got huge inflatable indoor playgrounds, games, an inflatable birthday throne, and more.

In a private space

No sharing here because at this birthday party place, your group gets its own private bounce house arenas and party room.

With super star status

From food to drinks and goody bags, you get to pick your own birthday party package, so you'll get exactly the party you had in mind.

Simple, fast, fun

A kids birthday party that's more fun and easier to plan than this? We double dog dare you to find one. Booking's simple and our party pros will help with everything.
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