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Put a little extra bounce in your step!

Boundless Fun

We’ve got huge inflatable playgrounds, endless games and even a blow-up birthday throne!

100% Private

It’s just you and your invited guests in our enormous bouncy house arenas and party rooms!

Completely Customized

You can tailor every detail of the party experience to make it as special as the birthday kid!

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Inflatables at Pump It Up

The 5-in-1

Want to bounce to your hearts content? Practice your shot as you aim for the basket? Slide down a slippery slide? The 5-in-1 has all of that covered!!

Inflatables at Pump It Up

The Bouncer!

Go get 'em! Challenge your friend to see who can bounce the highest in our Boxing Bouncer - located in Arena A!

Inflatable Slide

The Single Lane Slide

Whoosh! Climb up, up, up to the top before enjoying the thrill of the long ride down!

Inflatables at Pump It Up

The Gauntlet!

Race your friends in our giant obstacle course better known as "The Gauntlet!" Who will be the first to make it to the end!?!

Inflatables at Pump It Up

The Toddler Zone!

Both arenas have a toddler zone perfect for your little ones to enjoy! Watch as they clamber, crawl, and climb their way to the top of the toddler zone!

*For children under 5 years old only, Thank you!

Junior Obstacle Course - Inflatable

The Obstacle Course!

Race your buddy to the end!

Inflatables at Pump It Up

The Football Throw!

This interactive inflatable changes seasonally from our Spectacular Soccer Kick to our Fantastic Football Throw!

Double Lane Slide - Inflatable

The Double-Lane Slide!

Slide down in style on our GIANT Double Lane Slide located in Arena B.

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