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Birthday Parties

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Quench you thirst with our crisp beverages!

Diet Coke
Orange Fanta
Ginger Ale

Pink Lemonade

**Apple & Eve Juice Boxes:
Fruit Punch

1-Liter Water $2.00
2-Liter Juice $3.50
2-Liter Soda $3.50
Juice Box $0.50
Pizza - A Party Staple


PIZZA PIZZA!!! Hot & Ready right before you go into the party room!

**All pizzas are cut into 12 slices.
** Each pizza feeds 4-6 Adults.

Large Cheese Pizza $16.00
Single Topping (Download Menu for List) $3.00
Veggie Lovers $23.00
Meat Lovers $23.00
BBQ Chicken $23.00
Grilled Chicken Pizza $23.00
The Grandma $23.00
NY White Pizza $23.00
Veggie Tray

Finger Food Platters

Who doesn't love finger foods?! Add some platters to your party room experience for the parents to enjoy!

**All Trays feed 10-12 Adults.

Assorted Fruit Tray $60.00
Assorted Veggie Tray $40.00
Combo Sampler $50.00
Garden Sampler $45.00
Chips with Cheese & Salsa $25.00
Buffalo Wings (3 dozen) $45.00
French Fry Tray $30.00
Jalapeno Poppers (2 dozen) $30.00
Mozzarella Sticks (2 dozen) $25.00
Onion Rings (2 dozen) $30.00

Salads, Wraps & Sandwiches

Tired of Pizza? Why not serve your guests some delicious alternatives.

**All sandwiches and wraps are in quantities of 12.

**Subs are cut into 18 sections.

**Salads feed 10-12 Adults.

Assorted Sandwiches $35.00
Veggie Sandwiches $35.00
Assorted Wraps $35.00
Grilled Chicken Wraps $35.00
Veggie Wraps $35.00
Caesar Salad $35.00
Garden Beauty Salad $35.00
Real Mediterranean Salad $35.00
3' Italian Sub $65.00
3' Italian Veggie Sub $60.00
3' Turkey Sub $75.00

Hot Entrees

**Entrees Feed 10-12 Adults.

Baked Ziti $48.00
Chicken Parmigiana $50.00
Eggplant Parmigiana $45.00
food options

Kid Side & Individual Serving Options

Chicken Finger Tray (30 strips) $48.00
French Fry Tray $30.00
Chicken Fingers & Fries (single serving) $9.00
Kids Quesadilla (single serving) $8.00


Can't have a birthday without the cake!

Ice Cream Cake (1/4 Sheet) $35.00
Ice Cream Cake (1/2 Sheet) $60.00

Looking to throw the best kids birthday party in Piscataway?

Super-size the fun

Giant inflatable indoor playgrounds, games galore, a blow-up birthday throne - that's what amazing kids birthdays are made of at Pump It Up.

In a private space

Party down in your very own bounce house arenas, plus a private party room - it's your own private birthday party place!

With super star status

Pick out the birthday kids' favorite food, drinks, party favors and more when you personalize your very own party package.

Simple, fast, fun

Our party pros are there to help, from your reservation to clean up - plus everything in between.
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