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Imagination Blocks

Imagination Blocks

Turn these blocks into a tower, a fort or a bridge – whatever your kids could possibly imagine. Blocks are available for use in Arena A during open jump AND birthday parties!

Inflatable - Obstacle Course

Our chaos is a maze of wonder. You start off on opposing sides and end up sliding down right next to your new friend! Suitable for ages 4 and up...younger children may be assisted by an adult wearing socks.

Inflatable Triple Threat

Triple Threat

Sports enthusiasts get a kick out of this giant inflatable. Hold a soccer shootout, shoot some hoops or test yourself with jousting. Pick one, or play them all – Triple Threat’s a hit with the older kids, but it's also fun for the little ones to explore and play with all of the colorful balls! 

Inflatable Slide

Our big slide is always a huge success with kids of all ages. Always go feet first and use the mats to have the best experience.

Inflatables at Pump It Up

Our toddler soft play areas provide a great alternative for our younger guests and help to spark imaginative play.

Tee Ball - Inflatable

Step right up to the plate & test your skill on our ever-so-popular teeball inflatable!

Air Hockey at Pump It Up

Air hockey machines are located in each of our arenas for a little healthy child and/or adult fun. Cost is $1 (in quarters). Change machines are available for your convenience.

Pump It Up Party Room

Guests of honor have the luxury of sitting in our over-sized, inflatable throne for the duration of their party room experience.

Junior Inflatables

Add bubbles to your next party for only $9.99!

Cyclone Blast

Cyclone Blast

Whoosh! Brave the blast! With speeds of up 78 miles per hour you’ll feel like you’re in a tropical storm. Go on…jump on this ride – you’ll be blown away! 

Go Glow

Experience a glow-in-the-dark atmosphere with LED party lights all synced to the beat of energetic music for a flat rate of $29.99-$39.99 (depending on package size).

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