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Canyon Crossing

Canyon Crossing

Can you make it across? Or will you fall onto a cushion of air? Try your hand at Canyon Crossing!

Inflatable Triple Threat

Triple Threat

Sports enthusiasts get a kick out of this giant inflatable. Hold a soccer shootout, shoot some hoops or just bounce around. It is our Triple Threat of fun!

3 Lane Slide

3 Lane Slide

Motion Mania - A game you play with your feet!

Motion Mania

A game that takes a project and turns the floor into augmented interactive fun. Motion Mania encourages kids’ playtime through imaginative play. The customized playlist includes a wide variety of games including, Balloons, Super Soccer, Ball Pit, Piano and disco Floor. 

Xtreme Ninja Adrenaline Run 2

Ninja Adrenaline Combo

Our newest ride at Pump It Up of Lake Forest. Start by Jumping to Obstacles, Go Through the Rollers, Jump between Tires, Avoid Giant X, Jump Sideways and Get Out to Victory.



Test your speed, skills and agility as you run around the Vortex to reach warp speed! Great for all ages and sure to make you laugh uncontrollably.

Air Hockey at Pump It Up

Air Hockey

Air Hocky tournaments can create a ton of fun during any visit to Pump It Up! Best of all, it is FREE with every party or Open Jump sessions!

Imagination Blocks

Imagination Playground-Temporarily Closed

Imagination Playground Blocks are a wonderful play material that encourages children to create a whole new world each and every day by building objects like animals, rocket ships, and robots. Construct imaginary houses, factories, cities, and more. Let your imagination be your guide as you create a unique world of your very own through play that encourages learning, social development, movement, and above all fun!

Turn down the lights and pump up the fun

Glow in the dark

As if Pump It Up could get any more fun for the kiddos we added what we think makes jumping that much cooler GLOW LIGHTS! The fun starts when we turn our arenas into glow in the dark jump havens with special effects lighting everywhere! Let out your inner kid and join in!

Cyclone Blast

Cyclone Blast - Temporarily

Whoosh! Brave the blast! With speeds of up 78 miles per hour you’ll feel like you’re in a tropical storm. Go on…jump on this ride – you’ll be blown away! 

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