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Pepperoni Pizza


We get our pizzas from Joe's Pizza. They are 16 inch 10 slice pizzas. Each child will receive Two slices of pizza.

One Topping $14.49
Two Topping $15.49
Three Topping $16.49
Four Topping/Specialty $18.49
Parent Pack Five One Topping Pizzas/Includes Three 2 Liters $80.00
Parent Pack Five Multi Topping Pizzas/Includes Three 2 Liters $95.00
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Outside Food and Handling Fee Options

We allow customers to bring in their own food or drink if desired for a small food handlers fee.  Most items can be approved, but we do not allow the following: items requiring power to be kept warm or cold or anything needed to be served with a utensil.  No ice (slip hazard) nor alcoholic drinks allowed.  Unsure if it is allowed, please ask your party planner. Drinks must be individually pre-packaged: bottle, can, box or pouch. Birthday cake, cupcake or other option is allowed without fee.

Outside Drink Fee $10.00
Outside Food Fee $20.00
Outside Food and Drink Fee $25.00
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Ice Cream Cups $0.65
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Cokes are 2-liters and bottled waters are individual.

Bottled Waters $0.50
Coke $3.00
Diet Coke $3.00
Pibb Extra $3.00
Sprite $3.00
Lemonade $3.00
Orange Fanta $3.00
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