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Add food to your party!


Breadsticks(8 count) $5.25
Chicken Wings(8 count) $6.99
Large Cheese/1-topping pizza (10 slices) $14.99
Specialty Pizza- 2+ toppings (10 slices) $17.50
Gluten Free Cheese 10" $14.00
Add food to your party!


Juice Box $0.75
Bottled Water $0.75
2-liter Soda (Coke products) $2.99
Milk - gallon (1%, 2%, Skim) $5.00
Coffee - serve 8-10 $12.00
Add food to your party!

Dry Snacks

Animal Crackers $0.50
Breakfast Tray $29.99
Cheese & Cracker Tray $25.00
Cheez-Its $0.50
Dry snack and drink $1.00
Fruit Snacks $0.75
Mini Muffins (Feeds 12-15) $9.99
Variety Snack Bag Chips $0.50
Add food to your party!

Cakes and Desserts

Great American Cookies -- $0.00
- 12 inch (feeds 8-16) $30.99
- Pan (feeds 24-30) $42.99
Customized Cake $0.00
- 1/4 sheet character (24 servings) $35.00
- 1/2 sheet character (48 servings) $54.00
Cupcakes 12ct $12.00
Add food to your party!

Ice Cream Cups

Dippin' Dots $3.50
Ice Cream Cups - Chocolate or Vanilla $0.75
Add food to your party!

Fruits & Veggies

2lb Apple Slice Tray $9.99
4lb Apple Slice Tray $17.99
Fruit Tray - 6 lbs of seasonal fruit $24.99
Veggie Tray - 4 lbs of Veggies w/dip $19.99

We specialize in throwing the most incredible kids birthday parties in Eden Prairie!

Super-size the fun

We are the inflatable party place with giant indoor playgrounds ... a huge selection of games... and our inflatable birthday throne is worthy of royalty. And that's just the start.

In a private space

It's your day, and we're the kids party place that let's you have your very own bounce house arenas and private party room - no sharing required!

With super star status

Get exactly the party package you want when you pick out kids' favorite meal items, drinks and goody bags.

Simple, fast, fun

Step one: Call or go online to make your quick and simple reservation. Step two: Let our party pros handle just about everything else. Yup, it's that's easy!
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