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Party Experiences

Ultimate Experience

MVP Experience

Can't decide between Glow Mania, Bubble Bash and Balloon Drop? Ask your Party Pro about our Most Valuable Party Experience!

Make it the most epic and unforgettable party ever! Get the MVP experience and save!

Watch everyone's face light up as an avalanche of more than 150 balloons of an assortment of colors cascade down around them! Not to mention having bubbles and glow in the dark as part of your party experience!

Price: $110.00 per Party

Balloon Drop

Watch your birthday kid’s face light up as an avalanche of 100+ balloons cascade down around them and their friends!

Check out our balloon drop in action!

Balloon Drops come in an assortment of colors.

Price: $60.00 per Party
snap shot

Snap Shot Party Photos

Don't miss a moment of your kid's party! We'll take the photos while you join the fun. After the party, you can access and share your photos online!

Access your photos online to download, share or email with friends and family.

Price: $25.00 per Party

Bubble Bash

Once you pop, you can't stop! Giant bursts of bubbles will fill the arenas with happy smiles! It's Bubble-tastic!

Price: $15.00 per Party

Go Glow!

Turn down the lights and turn up the fun.

Pump Up your party with this amazing glow in the dark lighting. It makes any party one of a kind and leaves a lasting impression on the birthday boy or girl and your guests!

See a Glow Party in action!

Book your kids birthday party today and add the Glow feature.
Includes a glow necklace and bracelet for each child.

Price: $50.00 per Party
Lets keep partying

Let's Keep Partying Goodie Bag

Bring home one of our goodie bags to keep the party going! Includes: Thunderstick, harmonica, pull back racer and a puzzle ball.

Price: $3.99 each
Add a Mini Goodie Bag to your birthday party

Mini Goodie Bag

A Old Maid Card Game, Mini Grabber, Disc Launcher and Rubber Popper. Different colors, different versions, more fun!

Price: $3.00 each
Add our water bottle goodie bag to your kids birthday party

Water Bottle Goodie Bag

Great for kids on the go! Purple or Blue Water Bottle, Glider, Finger Trap, Punch Ball, Strawberry Tootsie, Frootie and Sucker.

Price: $4.99 each

Fun Party Items

Glow Necklace $1.00
Glow Bracelet $0.50
LED Finger Rings $1.25
LED Necklaces $3.00
Flashing LED Spike Bracelet $3.00
LED Flashing Eyeglasses $7.00


Balloon Bouquet: 10 $10.00
Balloon Bouquet: 15 $15.00
Balloon Bouquet: 25 $25.00
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