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Come jump on our new Canyon Crossing

Canyon Crossing

Take the ultimate challenge and see if you can make it across our three giant ball obstacle without falling!

Cyclone Blast

Experience a cyclone in a contained environment as winds swirl around you to 78 MPH! This can be done by yourself or together with friends! Every birthday child gets one free experience.

Cannonball Game

Team up with a buddy and attack another team of your friends with a barrage of nerf balls shot from mounted, forced air guns!

Coliseum Inflatable


Joust or jump! This fun ride is for two thrill seekers to jump and joust! Either way you choose –let the fun begin!

Inflatables at Pump It Up

An oldie but a goodie! Fun for kids of all ages but especially for younger kids.

Basketball Bouncer- Inflatable

Basketball Court

Imagine you are your favorite basketball star as you soar through the air and dunk like a pro!  This 31 foot inflatable is a full court press of fun enjoyed by players of all ages.

Inflatable Slide

Giant Slide

Our giant slides are so popular that we have not one, but TWO just to make sure everyone gets to enjoy it.  It's a difficult climb to the top but the slide down makes it well worth it.

Tee Ball - Inflatable

Tee Ball

Do your best to hit a home run as the ball magically floats on an air tee.  Loads of fun for any age!

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