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Located between AC Outdoor Power and Des Moines Transportation on 121st Street.  

Address: 4069 121st St, Urbandale, IA 50323. Note that the top of the building shows 4079. 




Pump It Up Urbandale

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The Urbandale Team is ready and waiting to help you with your awesome party.  Just give us a call!



"I love working with the kids"


"The staff is great"


"We always have fun and sometimes pizza too!"

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"I love that I dont have to worry about anything. I had a sick kiddo so I actually missed some of the party but I knew things were ok because Pump It Up has it under control."  - Kirsten 11/11/18

"The party helpers were awesome. They knew all the kids by name and kept the party moving." Emily 11/3/18

About Pump It Up

About Pump It Up

Pump It Up is the pioneer in birthday party entertainment. Founded in Pleasanton, California in 2000, it was an immediate success, allowing parents to host children’s parties in a private, safe, and clean environment. Due to its popularity, Pump It Up began franchising in 2002.

Today, Pump It Up is Kids' Favorite Place with centers across the country. It has set the industry standard for indoor inflatable safety, while providing your community with a fun and healthy family activity.

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A Family Business

Looking to escape from the corporate world of working in IT, Accounting and being a CPA, Marcia Hamby decided to take a chance and open Pump It Up in Urbandale. This proved to be a great outlet for her to be in control of her own business and to spend time with her two daughters, Kayla and Marissa.

Through the years, Marcia and her daughters, which are both now grown, have worked at pump it up.  They continue to be the best in family entertainment in the Midwest.

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