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We've Got The Birthday Party Food Covered Too!

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Add food to your party!


We have a wide variety of food options available for you to make your party hassle free! Our Food is catered from premium pizza vendor ROUND TABLE.

**You can only bring cake, cupcakes, Ice-Cream or bottled water from outside.**

NOTE: If you have any special need due to dietary restrictions, you can bring up to 2 family size trays (maximum tray size allowed is 20" x 12" x 4") for an additional fee of $75 per tray. This exception is only if the type of food is not available on our menu.

Chicken Wings


Cinnamon Twists {12-pc} $15.99
Garlic Parmesan Twists {12-pc} $15.99
Spicy or BBQ Classic Wings {12-pc} $15.99
Spicy or BBQ Classic Wings {24-pc} $29.99
Spicy or BBQ Boneless Wings {12-pc} $15.99
Spicy or BBQ Boneless Wings {24-pc} $29.99

Salads & Platters

Fruit Platter $30.99
Vegetable Platter $26.99
Caesar Salad {serves 10-14 guests} $27.99
Garden Salad (serves 10-14 guests) $27.99
Chicken Caesar Salad{serves10-14 adults} $29.99
Pepperoni Pizza


Glutten Free - 8 slices (only available in MED size) $19.99
LAR - 1 Topping (12 Slices) $28.99
LAR 2 Toppings (12 slices) $30.99
LAR - Multi-topping OR Speciality (12 slices) $32.99
XL - 1 Topping (16 Slices) $32.99
XL - 2 Topping (16 slices) $35.99
XL - Multi-topping OR Speciality (16 slices) $37.99
XL - Spicy Paneer OR Tandoori Chicken (16 slices) $37.99


Served Hot

Club Sandwich (serves 6-8) $46.99
Veggie Sandwich (serves 6-8) $44.99
Coca-Cola Products


Water Bottles (20 oz) $2.00
Capri-Sun (100% Juice) Per Box $1.50
2-Liter Soda Bottle (Different Flavors) $4.99
Water Bottles (1.5 liter) $3.99
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